Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Photoshop Magic

As I mentioned yesterday, I can not get an accurate color representation for the Fall Back Cardigan. Let's look at what Photoshop can do:
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That's the photo as taken. No flash, a combo of natural light and artificial light.

Here's what I did in Photoshop:
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Much closer to the actual color. Not perfect, but at least it doesn't look like a lavendar color.

So it's progressing nicely. I have probably an other 3 repeats left to do for this sleeve (assuming my math was right... ya, I know that's a BIG assumption for me).

Here's what I worked on as it got too warm to have a wool sweater in my lap:
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Ya, not the most exciting knitting in the world, but sometimes that's good. I'm hoping it fits okay. I went ahead and used my full bust measurement to choose what size to make, and I probably should've gone down a size or two and short rowed some bust darts. However, I think this will be fine.

Just Debby's comment to respond to today:

I have to admit I am a fall girl. I prefer moderate temps... sweater weather! Plus fall you get those beautiful colors and football!!!!

I will admit that I'm wearing out the F5 key on my new laptop constantly updating the feed from the TBV site. I didn't try to watch the streaming video of the Landis hearing, as I would just rather get the updates... easier to understand. I have to say that I look forward to Bill Hue's take. First because he's a trial judge so I trust his perspective, plus he's obviously an REM fan and I look forward to which song title he'll use.. heehee!

I also will say that I'm betting that the arbitrators are also keeping up with the outside perspective by following TBV's site. I'm sure that Bill's comment about the two arbitrator's freezing out the third did not go unnoticed, and a concerted effort was made the next day to appear more "balanced". I know that if this were a legal case, Landis would have no concerns, however, it's not a legal case and his only hope is that there's enough public scrunity that the arbitrator's feel the pressure to do it right.

Well, must run... gotta workout, then get ready for my hair appointment.
Keep on Knittin'!!!


At 12:11 PM , N. Maria said...

You do beautiful work!
I love cables.
I just happened to find you doing a search for 'Forest Frost Aran'.
I'm glad I did!


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