Friday, August 24, 2007

Death to Swifty

My swift broke yesterday. The metal compenant that keeps it locked onto the table has worked itself loose and it no longer stays gripped. Matt's trying to glue it into place (wood and metal are hard to glue, so it may be wishful thinking).

I'm not sure how long I can live without a swift. There are very few knitting tools that I absolutely MUST have... and that might be number one on my list (after yarn and knitting needles). I can live without my ball winder... but a swift is a must have!!

So I didn't get much knitting done yesterday, as I finally attacked the WIP/UFO closets. Ugh. Never fun. Here's what I don't get:

Sock Yarn Stash

How on earth did I end up with all that sock yarn? I've knit a total of 5 pairs of socks (and I've got maybe an other 5+ on the needles). I don't consider myself a sock knitter. I don't particularly like wearing them, and knitting them feels tedious to me (that whole second sock thing... worse than sleeves). However, the yarn is luscious. Almost all of what's in that bag was bought on Etsy. Very little of it is commercially produced (there's some Opal solids and some Opal Cotton). Proof that my real hobby is collecting yarn... the knitting is just a way of justifying it.

I'm physically beat from all that yarn moving yesterday, so I'm going to work on some knitting today (plus I have all those projects to finish...).


At 10:37 AM , Joan said...

I'm not a sock addict either but seem to have accumlated about as much sock yarn as you have. Yep collecting. It does make great scarves you know!

At 10:43 AM , fleecyknits said...

Go now. Buy a new swift, I order you. Of course you can't live without one. :-)

I actually knit socks, but I buy sock yarn at a far greater rate than I knit it up. I'm sure I have a ridiculous amount but I avoid thinking about it by dividing my sock stash into three different places. Works great for me. ;-)

I just can't help myself - it's all so beautiful and so inexpensive compared to buying a whole sweater's worth of yarn. :-)

At 12:00 PM , Kristen said...

Ouch re: the swift. It is also an essential knitting tool for me. I used to avoid buying unwound yarn (hanks?) because it was such a pain to wind them by hand and inevitably tangle them into a giant knot.
I also share your sentiments on socks, though I don't have much sock yarn in my stash.

At 5:50 PM , Kate said...

I don't think that's so much sock yarn! Maybe the bag is a lot bigger than I think... Glad the swift got fixed-- see you soon!


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