Monday, September 24, 2007

90 Days is the same as 3 Months, right?

So Matt said if I didn't buy yarn for 3 months, I can get an Xbox 360. Okay, so let's do the math... 3 months averages to 90 days, and I'm sure he didn't mean consecutive days, right? I mean, let's be serious! So. I didn't buy yarn on Friday or Sunday... so that's only 88 more days.

But Cindy, what did you buy on Saturday? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I am a sucker for shop models. I've stated this before. If there's a beautiful shop model knitted up, I leave with the pattern (if I don't already have it) and probably a yarn to make it up (even tho' I'm sure I could find something in my stash for it).

I know and recognize this about myself... yet I continually get convinced to "just take a drive up to West Reading" (oh, wait... that may have been me... I lose track when out with Theresa who enables who).

The yarn shop in West Reading is a dangerous place for both of us. In a completely good way. The Yarn Gallery is a knitter's paradise. Every time I go, there's new shop samples, and new yarns... and dang it, I leave with new patterns and new yarn. (however, I can also thank the shop for my focus on finishing my Shoalwater. While I may not have bought the specific yarn for it, their sample was very motivating. oh, and I did buy yarn for it from them, but I ended up using something from stash. Shocking, I know).

So, I bet you want to know what I got? Why, an other cardigan pattern, of course!

Newport Cardigan
click to go dolce handknits website

They had it made up in RCY's Soft Tweed... ya, so I got some of that, too (in a pretty heathered teal). I'm swatching it right now (meaning I have about 4" done on the back).

Then guilt smacked me in the head, and I buckeled down and worked on this:

Adara Chic
click to enlarge

Ah, my latest Sitcom Chic. I should be able to finish it this week. I'm just a few more decrease rows before I hit the yoke detailing.

My experience with the Adara with the Split V Pullover has come in handy while knitting this. This yarn does grow quite a bit with wear (cotton and linen blend), so while I look at this Sitcom Chic and think it's not long enough, I know the weight of it will cause it to grow on me. I actually washed and delibrately shrunk my Split V Pullover, as it just grew with every wear.

Quick response to my comments from Friday:
Nancy: I'm envious, as we're forcasted to be almost 90 on Wednesday. No cooler weather in sight for us... yet (hopefully a little cooler soon! I need sweater weather!)
Debbie: I really have been sort of blocking out the whole disaster. I'm disgusted with the whole thing. We'll be following the regional cycling from now on. The system is simply too broken to take any of it seriously.

I've got a few errands to run today and some laundry to do, but I will be working diligently on the Adara Chic... unless my Ravelry invite comes today. Then all bets are off.


At 7:58 PM , Suzanne said...

I am also a sucker for shop models. I have a pattern and yarn in the stash for a model I looked at everytime I was in one shop. I swatched the stitch pattern but haven't gotten around to making it yet.

I also have some Rowan stashed for a sweater I saw at a YS going out of business sale years ago. It turns out I had the book but the pictures just didn't do the pattern justice. The owner happened to enter in their computer how much yarn she took home to knit it so I was able to buy up what they had left of one color.

I have to check out the link for the sweater pattern that you bought. It looks like a sweater I would wear.


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