Thursday, September 27, 2007

Done and Done

The Adara Chic is fini! Well, I still need to get the closure on it, but it's, uh, still wet. Very wet... even overnight. AAAh cotton/linen sure does hold water well... especially in this humidity. I'm going to move it in front of a fan today. I'll do the "project stats" when it's dry and I have a decent photo of it.

I also finished an other project yesterday... or rather, I'm finished with it. I worked on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan yesterday, but the more I was thinking about it, the more I looked at other's versions on Ravelry and having a discussion with Matt and Theresa, there's no way this project was going to fit me. I would have to add bust darts, increase the sleeve width and I'm still not sure the style would be right for me. So it's off the needles... and I'm done with it.

It's way too hot and muggy for this time of year, btw. I wanted to work on Matt's Sampler Cardigan yesterday, but it was just too warm. Same with the Fall Back Cardigan. So I'm concentrating on the Summer Braids Cardigan (Matt asked me last night why I don't make myself pullovers... hmmm, I think that's a blog entry all on it's own. Let's just say I like cardigans).

Sorry for the lack of photos, but it's still dark out this morning, and there's really nothing to get a photo of yet... Adara Chic pictures coming soon!!!

Oh, and I got a comment from Carissa yesterday! It was great hearing from you again and glad to see you're back blogging!!!

Oh, and one more thing! The Xbox 360 has been ordered, along with Halo 3.


At 12:06 PM , Carissa said...

Congratulations on the Adria Chic fini!!! can't wait to see it modelled :)

I'm so happy to see that you still quit projects when you feel that they're not right for you! there are way too many knitters out there that don't! what a waste of time and energy it is to finish something your never going to wear!

YEAH on the XBox 360! Anthony bought Halo 3 the day it came out and is much happier with it than with Halo 2! So I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

Hugs hugs hugs!


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