Tuesday, September 18, 2007

DPN's Rock

If you look at yesterday's photo of the Basketweave Ribbed socks, you'll notice I have the one in progress on 2 circs. Okay, maybe not, as the photo is a little difficult to tell.

Basically when I frogged back to the heel flap on the first sock, I decided to throw them on some circs (Knitpicks, so they're nice and pointy) thinking that it would be easier. Well, it was easier to get the stitches back on the needle with the metal pointy circs, but knitting the heel turn was... well, a nightmare.

So back onto DPN's, thank you very much. I'm still on the gusset decreases, but I'm thinking I'll have these socks done pretty soon.

Meaning I can buy more sock yarn, right? Does it matter that these are the only socks I've knit this year? Or that I've already bought maybe 10 skeins of sock yarn? (so at that ratio... ya. let's not bother thinking about that. Let's just say that I have a lot more sock yarn than I'll ever knit. Right).

Matt and I are trying to adjust to our fall schedule. Meaning that the racing season is officially over. Matt did the last race of the year on Sunday. He did not have a great day. He did the Pro/1/2/3 race at the Yuasa Crit. This is a big race. Lot's of points and the state crit championship race. Plus it had a nice size purse. Lot's of powerful riders showed up. Plus the course was a little wonky (the final turn was a bit of a nightmare) with lots of crashes. Tim (Matt's only teammate in the Pro race with him) was taken down on the first lap in that corner. Luckily he did get back up and was able to get back on (yay for free laps!). However, neither finished. Stephan has a nice summery of the race here.

So now we're in "off season" training. While he'll still ride almost daily, it won't be as hard and he'll do some other workouts (weight training). The main goal this off season is to develop some muscles and keep his weight down. Hmmm, I think those are my goals too!


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