Friday, September 07, 2007

Lace Crochet Shawl

Lace Crochet Shawl
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I blocked the lace shawl yesterday and finished up the pattern. I will be selling the pattern in my Etsy shop after Theresa's class finishes up. I did have a minor little set back with the blocking. (note to self: merino wool lace weight yarn will break before size 10 cotton thread). I had a section break on me while I was trying to remove the cotton thread I used to help me block it out. I was able to fix it, so all is well.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Olde Peddler Shawl by me
Yarn: Fearless Fiber's Merino Laceweight yarn (miracle colorway)
Overall Impressions: I did this pattern specifically for a crochet lace class that Theresa will be teaching at Olde Pedder Wools and it's a very straight forward pattern stitch. I can't say enough about the yarn. The colors work perfectly with the pattern and it bloomed so beautifully when it blocked. The drape and softness is just what I would want in a shawl.

So I'm pretty happy with it. Again, I can't say enough about the yarn. This is the first I've worked with wool and crochet (I usually use a smooth cotton) and I'll be doing more. I have 2 more colorways of the merino laceweight yarn in my stash... and I'm thinking of a little lacey cardigan....


At 10:09 AM , Kate said...

it turned out beautiful!

At 11:55 AM , fleecyknits said...

Wow, Cindy - that is absolutely gorgeous!!!

At 3:40 PM , Kristen said...

Lovely! I would have died when the yarn broke- glad you could save it.

At 3:47 PM , sUsAn said...


At 3:49 PM , Nicole said...

I love the crochet shawl. It turned out so pretty.

At 5:06 PM , Nicole said...

that is lovely... and looks way more fun than my blanket squares. :)


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