Friday, September 21, 2007

Quick... Someone Knit Satan a Sweater...

As I think it's getting cold in hell.
Basketweave Ribbed Socks
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Yep, not only did I finish a project, but they're socks!!! Woo-hoo, now I can buy 10 more skeins of sock yarn, right?

Project Info:
Pattern: Basketweave Ribbed Socks
Yarn: Fearless Fiber Superwash Merino Sock Yarn (thoroughbred colorway)
Changes to the pattern: not much, actually. The pattern is written for 2 circs, and I've discovered I really prefer doing the 5 DPN thing. More comfortable for me. I also never use slip stitches on the sides of my heel flap. Yes, it does make picking up those stitches easier, however, it contributes to that loose stitch at the join. I like to keep mine as minimal as possible:

Basketweave Sock join detail
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I also do a make 1 in that corner, and I try not to stretch it out.

Overall Impressions: Great pattern and great yarn. The basketweave rib is comfortable to wear, was interesting to knit and shows off Deb's beautiful dyed yarn. So let's give this project a thumbs up. Don't know how much wear they'll actually get (I find I don't wear my hand knit socks except to knitting events).

Now... which socks to cast on next. I can't leave those needles empty you know!!!


At 5:34 PM , Nancy said...

Congrats on a FO! It'll be getting cooler next week!

At 10:49 PM , knitseashore said...

Congratulations! You must be excited to have another project done.

How is the mood in PA? I'm so sad about FL...I hope his family are OK.


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