Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder How I Finish Anything

I have to say, apart from maybe two projects this year, I've had real issues concentrating on finishing things. I've started numerous projects. I've worked on numerous projects, yet I've only finished 13 major projects. I really want 15 finished projects this year, and time is running out.

Yet I continue to cast on new things. This was cast on over the weekend:

Cabled Entrelac
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This is as far as I am:

Cabled Entrelac Bottom Border
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The pattern is from the Winter 98/99 Vogue Knitting*. This has been on my "to do list" since it came out. However, I was still a fairly novice knitter and there's some complex things about it (and I'm still not happy with how my starting cables look) and the pattern didn't go up to the size I needed at the time. I'm smaller now and a more confident knitter.

I got the yarn from Olde Peddler Wools on Saturday. It's Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino Aran in a very interesting shade of pink. I've had some issues with the Cashmerino Aran in the past, and always get a little nervous with it (I made Matt's second Wonderous Woven Cables from it and for only having 100 yds per skein, there were a lot of knots and poorly spun sections. However the second time I used it, I had no problem with it. So while I'm nervous about it, I haven't written it off).

While I was cruising along nicely on both Matt's Sampler Cardigan and my Adara Chic sweaters, I got distracted again by my Fall Back Cardigan:

Fall Back Cardigan
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I'm on the second sleeve:

Fall Back Cardigan (more accurate color)
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A reminder about the project. The pattern is Janet Szabo's Spring Forward Cardigan (from her Twists & Turns Newsletter). I'm using Cascade 220 and I "FLAK'd" it, meaning that I'm custom fitting it.

The good news is that I am still working on the Basketweave Ribbed socks (past the gusset decreases, so just the final foot length to finish up!). Hmmm, maybe one thing WILL get done! Unless I cast something else on today....

*I linked to a place where you can buy the Vogue Knitting magazine, but I have no experience with this shop. I did find it on Ebay, but the auction was ending soon, and knew that it would be out of date. However, I'm sure an other copy will be on Ebay eventually.


At 3:33 PM , knitseashore said...

Sorry I have been behind in my posts. It looks like you have lots of different projects going, so hopefully you'll meet your goal and find those last 2 to finish.

Chris' racing season has pretty much ended too. I think we are all ready for a break.


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