A Photo Journal of Entrelac
This is a walk thru, step by step for the Entrelac Satchel pattern. Just click on the photos for a larger view.
Please refer to the pattern for specific instructions. Sample shown in a two color bag.
Cast on 30 stitches.

I used the long tail cast on, but any cast on method will work.

Now start the foundation triangles. You will be turning the work often.
This is what the first triangle looks like when completed.

The next triangle is worked over the next group of stitches in the same manner.
Your foundation triangles will look like this.

You will now start Step 1
Start with the purl side facing and purl 2 stitches, then you will turn your work.
A close up of the lifted bar increase (put the needle in the yarn between the two stitches, then knit in the back of the stitch, twisting the stitch to avoid a hole)
You will now have three stitches
An example of the P2tog. Notice one stitch is from the step 1 triangle and one is from the foundation triangle.
The completed P2tog
The Step 1 Right Pointed Triangle Completed
With the purl side facing, you will pick up stitches along the edge purl wise (put the needle into the stitch from back to front, wrap yarn to purl)
Here's how the purlwise picked up stitches look
After turning, working the knit row, then turning again, you will work to the end, then P2tog (again, one from the current Step and one from the Foundation Step)
One rectangle completed.
Step 1 almost complete. All rectangles worked, but we still need to do the Left Pointed Triangle
Pick up stitches purlwise across the last Foundation Triangle as you did earlier.
You will be decreasing one stitch every right side row
Decrease until you have just one stitch left.

This stitch will be worked as part of Step 2:
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