Monday, June 05, 2006

Update Monday

I promise that I'll have pictures by the end of the week. I should get my camera back at some point this week. Fingers crossed.

Plus I really need it. I'll have a finished project to show!!!!

The Rose Leaf Pullover should be finished either today or tomorrow. The last sleeve was cast off yesterday and I've sewn the shoulders together. Just need to do the neckband, seam it then weave in the ends. I think this is going to get a lot of use. A nice 3 season style sweater and I love the color.

The color has been interesting. The yarn is Cotton Fleece in Provencial Rose. I've seen this yarn since I bought my batch, but for some reason it looks nothing like the one I bought. My color is a bright, dusty rose. The other's I've seen seem dustier, maybe even a little duller. Weird. I know that dye lots change, but this one almost seems like the other dye lots are actually a different color. Either way, I loooove the color I bought and I'm thrilled with how the sweater is coming. Pictures soon (let's hope!)

Matt's Retro Ribbed Socks are half way done. I just have to graft the toe closed on the first sock. I think I'll have him try it on just to make sure it's long enough. If not, they'll fit me (heehee).

Hmmm, other knitting? Well I cast on the Landscape Shawl in some Brown Sheep Naturespun fingering weight. My kind of shawl. Rosie had one and I put it on and I loved the drape. It's also not real lacey so it should keep me a little warm on those cool mornings.

I also cast on a vest from an old Knitter's magazine (summer 99). It's called "Directional Points" and originally used Adrifil's Ibiza. Well, I had purchased a couple of balls of Crystal Palace's Deco-Ribbon and it's substituting well. Should be a fast knit.

It was like finding a whole bunch of new patterns when I was looking for that pattern. Back in 99, I couldn't wear a lot of the designs due to weight issues. Now that I can, I found some really pretty things that I never really paid attention to because the sizing wasn't right. My "To Do" list may be getting even longer!

Well, I'm going to concentrate on the Rose Leaf Pullover today. I have Stitch n Bitch tonight and I'll take it with me, as it's a great time to weave in ends.

Happy Knitting!!!


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