Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh Ya... Knitting

I finished up the Slip Stitch Socks in the Claudia Handpaints yarn. The yarn was delightful to knit with. The stitch pattern was fun, interesting, fast and makes for a pretty stitch. What more could you ask for in a sock pattern?
click to enlarge

Project Stats:
Pattern: Slip Stitch Socks
Source: free pattern with yarn purchase from The Yarn Gallery in Reading, PA
Yarn: Claudia Handpaints in Purple Earth colorway
Problems with the pattern: Well, apart from using the stitch pattern, I did my own sock pattern.
Overall impression: a great sock pattern for handpainted yarns. Easy and fast and really shows off the handpainted yarn.

The weather yesterday was pretty muggy, but we also got our electric bill for last month. That little heat wave was pricey! So we're trying to keep the central air off as much as possible. The sock knitting was a good choice. After I finished up the Slip Stitch sock, I cast on the second sock of the basketweave sock in the Opal Cotton that I did a while ago, but never started the second sock.

I also did work on the Silver Creek Gansey a bit. The first sleeve is at the cuff ribbing. I want to get that done today so I can get that second sleeve picked up.

Due to vacations, we don't have our weekly Shoalwater Shawl KAL night tonight (plus we have our regular 3rd Thursday SnB tomorrow night). I haven't touched my shawl since last week. I guess I should work on that a bit today. Since I'm the only one doing it in lace weight, I have the most to knit. I don't want to get too far behind.

So lots to work on, plus the temptation of new projects (the new Cast On has a lovely Box Stitch Belted Cardigan that is soooo me. I was going to link to their site to show you the picture, but their pictures are worthless. Too small to see the designs and you can't enlarge them to get a better view. Ya, that's helpful, eh?).

Lot's to do today! Happy Knitting!


At 10:23 AM , Dave said...

That slip stitch sock is gorgeous -- what a great way to show off handpainted yarn!

At 3:06 PM , Lauren said...

Could it be that this pattern has peaked my curiosity? I'm intrigued enough to (possibly) abandon my strict "No Sock Knitting" policy. Tell me more.

Though I did give all of my sock yarn to Theresa... I guess I'll have to go yarn shopping. What a shame! :-)

At 7:59 PM , Anonymous said...

checking in from a cyber cafe :) at the shore - KAL wise the cherry hill yarn not gonna make it - I knit 11 rows and don't like the color or the way it's knitting up - will leave as is and bring to show you .. though now what!!?? -ndv

At 8:49 AM , Cindy said...

Dave: this is now up there with "favorite" sock patterns. Especially for the hand dyed yarn. The Jaywalker looks great with stripey yarns, but this slip stitch pattern just makes that hand dyed yarn "pop"

Lauren: Sock Side you must come!

Nicole: um, have you looked at the Silk'n'Lamb yarn from Josyln's Fiber Farm? Yum!!!


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