Friday, March 30, 2007

Fair Play

Back when I was in second grade, I was accused of stealing a fellow students candy from her desk. I hadn't done it, but she choose me to accuse (for what ever reason) and the teacher supported her accusation. I had no way to prove my innocence, since the assumption was that I ate the candy. There was no proof, and the teacher really couldn't follow thru with any kind of punishment. However, she maintained her belief thru the rest of that school year (and maybe even thru the rest of my school years, as it was a small school system). The accussation was enough for her.

In our court system we have a "innocent until proven guilty" mantra. Yet we, as a society, don't always follow that. Sometimes an accussation is all we need. If we're told that someone did something, that's enough for us. The media LOVES to sensationalize the "guilty". Ask Richard Jewel. We feel that the media does it's homework before they sell their stories to us, so they must be accurate. However, it's all about sales. The first with the big story makes the big bucks... run it and we'll make a retraction if we're wrong.

So apart from cycling enthusiasts, I wonder how many people still assume that Floyd Landis cheated at the Tour de France and has been striped of his title. Unless you follow the sport, you might not realize that his accussors have not been playing fair. As a matter of fact, he has yet to even have his hearing... almost nine months later. He's not allowed to work in his field during this process (meaning he can not earn a living) and it draws out his defense expenses.

The sad thing is, this shouldn't never been leaked to the media in the first place. Due process to validate the information wasn't done, and the accussors now face huge embarrassment for wrongly accusing him. They can't afford to do that... winning is more important than the truth.

The sciene might be above my head (hey, just because I worked in medical publishing, doesn't mean I understand any of it... I just sized photos and set type), but luckily there's a lot of people out there that do understand lab procedures. (Trust But Verify is the most comprehensive and balanced site out there). This whole process has been an eye opener for me, and I hope that other people will take a look at what's going on and realize that the system isn't fair. Your tax dollars are at work here. To single out and screw up one man's life, just because they don't believe that he could've won without help (and anyone that follows cycling will look at that stage and say it was less about Floyd winning and more about the other teams using bad strategy).

Floyd expects his defense will cost him over $2 million dollars. I have no idea how much it's going to cost the USADA, but we're paying the fees for them to draw this process out, and for an unfair "Un-American" system. Floyd has to prove he's innocent... they do not have to proof he's guilty. The accusation is enough for them.

Sadly, even if the case IS thrown out, or if they do not strip him of his title, the stigma will follow him forever.
(*foolproof in science doesn't exist. Actually, I don't think there's anything in life that is foolproof... especially if the human element is involved. Mistakes happen).

Tonight is Matt's racing team fundraisor at the Iron Hill Brewery. They sold out of tickets, and we're thrilled at the great response. I will say that this is an expensive, time consuming hobby for Matt. The guys that do these amatuer races are passionate. The amount of hours they train. The amount of money they spend. It's a passion that I can relate to (I, afterall, do collect yarn). So my heart is breaking for Floyd and his family... because I know that he just wants to ride his bike. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned professional, or just a local Cat 3 rider. It's about getting out there and riding and racing.

So if I still have your attention, I'll talking Knitting (hey, it IS called "Knitting Park", not "Cycling Park"... hell, I don't even own a bike. Matt and I have a deal: I'll start riding if he starts knitting).

The Half Linen Cardigan will be finished today... well, at least all the "swatches" will be finished (and a huge sigh of relief: I should have enough yarn... even for the binding), but I'll still need to block them. I think I'll do a light steam. It's wool/mohair/silk and I think a light steam will be the most effective.

I bought this yarn on impulse (ya, shut up, I heard that snort... again, I collect yarn. It's a good hobby. Practical.... and yarn doesn't have to be dusted) without any idea what I was going to use it for. I love when I stumble across gorgeous yarn then stumble across the perfect pattern for it. This one is it.

Ya, look for me at the Brooks Fiber Farm booth at the next knitting even (hmmm, Maryland Sheep & Wool? perhaps?)

Jane: I sent you info for the Rose Leaf Pullover, but for anyone else interested, the pattern is from a Paton's booklet called "Great Inspirations" and is sadly out of print. Look for it on Ebay, as I think there is one listed right now.

Sarah: oh ya, I think a road trip to Kraemer is well in order. I'm really enjoying the Tatamy Tweed. Darlene does have the worsted weight in stock now... hmmm, all I cas say is "Stone Cotton Cardigan"...

Nicole: Thanks! the ribby is "okay" and I really like the tweed looks. it's going to be a great "yard work" sweater (yes, I type "yarn" first every time I go to type "yard")

Debby: I'm lucky, as my allergies aren't bad (mostly just sinus headaches and a little draining), but that with stomach issues and it sucks! Hope your visit to the allergist went well!!!

Well, off to finish the last "swatch" for the half linen cardigan!

So keep on Knittin'!


At 8:57 PM , Sonya said...

Thanks for the update on Floyd Landis. I'm Mennonite and since his parents also are, he was big news for us. I'd been wondering where things stood. Sounds like quite a mess.

At 11:30 AM , knitseashore said...

Thanks for posting this, Cindy. It's great to keep the word out. I'm going to post too when there is any real news. It's sad that the accusations are front page news, and the "oh, I'm sorry, we goofed" story is always on page 12, buried under a car ad.

So glad Matt's fundraiser was sold out!


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