Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Closer

So I spent yesterday putting away the new yarn and some misc. projects that were sitting around my knitting nest.

I came to a sad realization: I don't finish my projects. I have several projects that are sitting here that are soooo close to being done, but I just can't close. All this new yarn, new projects and I get so excited that I abandon projects no matter how close they are.

Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle needs sleeves (and the first one is started), I have a San Fransisco Pullover that just needs sleeves and my Sitcom Chic is at the yoke decreases. All close to being done, but either I got bored with them (Sitcom Chic), not sure I'm going to like the finished sweater (San Fran) or they just seem like high concentration (Natural Beauty).

So I'm going to concentrate on trying to finish them up. I'll try not to cast on something new until all three are done. Wish me luck (heehee).

I spent yesterday with the San Fran Pullover. I finished up the first sleeve and realized that I wasn't happy with how large the neckline was, so I'm now adding a ribbing around the top, then I'll do the other sleeve. I'm not sure it's "me". I like the colors of the yarn and the pattern is interesting, and I know that I'll be using this as just an around the house sweatshirt style of sweater (I'm using an acrylic yarn). I just don't know if I like enough to even wear it for that. We'll see. Maybe when it's finished and I can actually see what it's going to look like on me, I'll be alright. If not, I'll give it away.

Let me also say that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop working on other projects. I just want to get those three things done, but I also have other projects that I want to work on. Including:
Click to enlarge

Matt's SOA is moving along. I have the first sleeve picked up. I still have that miscrossed cable to deal with on the front, but I'll take care of that when I have those stitches back on the needle. I do love the way it's looking. I'll also have to work on a couple of projects for class.

Debby asked yesterday in comments about the pink Classic Elite pattern that I showed. Sorry! I usually always link to the pattern, or give a source (as there's nothing more irritating to be looking at blogs... 'cause come on, we don't read 'em, we look at pictures... and see a project that we want to do and there's no source for the pattern!!!) Anyway, yes, that's one of the new booklets. It's from Summertime Knits (and don't you love the cover sweater???? that's on my list too!!).

Matt didn't have a race over the weekend (Easter weekend), but he's got a few good ones coming up. Including the Tour of Ephrata. They changed the road race course to include Floyd Landis' parents house. It's going to be a good race: The Mount Pain Time Trial (and as Matt says, not just a clever name) is Sunday morning followed by a tough crit. It'll be a killer weekend.

We did watch the US Open Championship, as one of our local guys (Matt trains with him) rides for Rite Aid. He didn't have a great day (flatted out before they hit Richmond) but his teammate came in third!

Okay, I'm off to try to concentrate on finishing projects!! And dream of warmer weather!!!

Keep on knittin'!


At 12:49 PM , knitseashore said...

Thanks for the pattern information!

I hope you can get some of your projects finished. It is such a mental weight to have too many UFOs lying around when you want to start something new. My resolution this year was to have no more than 2-3 projects on the needles at a time, and so far I've been able to stick with that.

Chris had a training race last Saturday, and a bully rider crashed into him. He and the bike are bruised but fine...didn't know that there were cyclists who were anything but gentlemanly up until now.

At 10:59 PM , Romi said...

Gorgeous sweater! I can't wait to see it finished. :)


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