Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baseball Chic

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I'll have the Sitcom Chic done today. I'm quite happy with it so far. It fits comfortably and I love the color (NOTE: NOT AN ACCURATE COLOR IN PHOTO.. it's raining out so no natural light today).

Baseball is perfect for boring st. st. While I really struggled getting thru some of those really long areas (right after I attatched the sleeves), I got thru it quickly, thanks to baseball season (love the early spring season: lots of day games).

I will say that the Cara Mia yarn is a bit drapier at 18 sts to 4" than I like. It also means that my fabric isn't real even. I'm sure blocking (ie: running it thru the washer on delicate, laying flat to dry) will help a bit with that.

So I have to sew up the one underarm seam, weave in the ends and add the neck and front bands. That's the plan for today.

The San Fran Pullover is really hard to work on. While it's soooo close to being done (less than one sleeve to go... and a lot of ends to weave in) I know I'm not going to like it. I will finish it at this point and find it a home, but it makes it hard to work on something that you simply don't like.

Then all I'll have left is Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle (started in 1999). Seems odd to be trying to finish a wool sweater in April, but he'll then have it for the fall and it will be one thing off my UFO list.

Okay, Debby, let me confess. I have a lot of projects on the needles. So many in fact that I actually have no idea what the actual count is. I think I can safely say over 100. I love to cast on projects, see what the yarn/pattern is going to look like, then I grow bored with it, or sometimes it's just a matter of distraction... I find something else I want to cast on. I go thru phases where it doesn't bother me to have all these projects started (which is, quite frankly, most of the time) but every once in a while I go thru a phase of "let's finish up some things" (like right now). I'm absolutely a process knitter, and while I love having things finished, I love just playing with the yarns and patterns and techniques. So normally, my volume of UFO's doesn't bother me (and I've even been accused of being proud of them... and I probably am!!... heehee). Hope Chris and Bike are recovering well!

Thanks Romi, I'm loving Matt's SOA... and he can't wait to see it finished too!!!

Just because I'm not casting anything new on, doesn't mean I'm not swatching! I've been playing with the Elann's Adara and my initial impression of it being closer to a dk weight is wrong. I've done two swatches, one on size 7 needles and got 20 sts. to 4" and one on 8 needles and got 18 sts. to 4". It does need to be at a loose gauge to have a decent drape. Any tighter and I would've gotten cardboard fabric. So I'm actually quite pleased. Now that the Sitcom Chic is about done, I will need a boring st. st. project, and one of the Adara colors will be for this.

So today I'll continue with the finishing of the Sitcom Chic and maybe even work on the krap San Fran Pullover. Must get some things done!!! (however, I still want to get a few rows done on Matt's SOA today, too).

Keep on Knittin'!


At 9:47 AM , Sarah (AKA Fleecy) said...

Which color(s?) did you get the Adara in? I like the split neck pullover. I may have to look for that pattern at MD. Are you taking a bus down this year? Which of your partners in crime are joining you? (Of course I can't understand how anyone could come to MD once and not do everything in her power to come back every year.) ;-)

At 9:59 AM , Pat's Speaks said...

Since it's still chilly out - working on Matt's fair isle should be ok. At least you won't be 'sweaty' working with wool. LOL I love the sit com sweater - very pretty.

At 2:03 PM , knitseashore said...

Keep going - you're almost there!

I think I must be the opposite of a process knitter. I get so stressed having more than 2-3 projects going. Right now I have 2 and the camisole is not moving along b/c I need time to concentrate on it. Thankfully the new project is stockinette and mindless, so it's going to be great to have all summer in the car on the way to the races, or to knit during the ones on TV.

Chris and his bike are nearly back to normal now, and he plans on racing on Sat. Thanks! :)


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