Friday, June 16, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the Usual

The good?
The camera is usable. The on/off button is a little wonky, but the problem was battery related and Matt fixed it. (woo-hoo)

The bad?
The Landscape Shawl had two mistakes on the edge increases.

Ya, I know you can't see them... that's why I missed them myself until I was showing Matt how the increases worked (ya, like he cares, but he feigns interest so well).

The usual?
A froggin' we do go. I ripped back to where I messed up the increase. Man, that's a lot of knitting gone.

I confess I didn't start a new project yesterday. Not from a lack of looking... I spent a lot of time browsing patterns and fingering stash. I ended up working on my Scoop du Jour. The right (or left... never remember) is past armhole shaping and she's moving right along. The stockinette stitch sorta bores me, but this is going to be one high wear sweater. I love the color, love the style and the yarn is sooo soft and cuddly. It's keeping me motivated to work on it.

Matt has a full schedule of racing this weekend, including his team sponsor's crit. I'll be tagging along and working on a sock while cheering on my boys.


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