Friday, April 13, 2007

Ah Finished!

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The Sitcom Chic is done, washed, blocked and ready to wear. I love it. Looks really nice on (better on me than on my dress form... I'm thinking because she doesn't have arms). A thumbs up project.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Sitcom Chic, from Knitty
Yarn: Cara Mia, Light Mulberry (discontinued)
Changes to the pattern: only the buttons. I added three pearl buttons instead of just using the one at the yoke
Problems with the pattern: just the never ending amount of st. st. heehee. I didn't find any errors in the pattern.
Overall impressions: A great little sweater. Easy enough for beginners. Well written step by step directions. The Cara Mia has a little color distortion thru it... making it look like a hand dyed yarn. I'm not sure if it's delibrate or just not a good dye job. Either way, looks fine and I love the way the sweater feels. It blocked beautifully and I didn't need to steam the front bands. So I definitely give the project a thumbs up. Thanks to Susan for inspiring me to cast it on!

So that's one down, two more to go. I should have the San Fran Pullover done today. Lauren accused me of not blogging much about it (I'm guessing meaning that I haven't shown any pictures of it). Okay, here's a picture:

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See, not really me. Several issues with it. Dropped shoulders are NOT good for me. With my narrow shoulders and very large bust line, there's simply too much fabric at the underarm area. The neckline is still too large, and since it's basically a "bias" design, it actually pulls out at the neck. The colors are pretty, but too busy for me. While I don't normally mind acrylic yarns, this one isn't cutting it. We'll see how it washes up (right now, the project is musty smelling since I've been working on it for so long... and that might be part of my not wanting to work on it).

It's so close to being done... just the rest of that second sleeve and a few more ends to weave in (I've been doing a little of that here and there as I've been working on the sleeves). Then just sewing up the side seams and doing a reverse sc around the bottom and it'll be done. I'll reserve final judgement until after I wash it... but I'm guessing it will be gifted to someone.

Yesterday's Comments:
Sarah: yes, I'll be Maryland Sheep and Wool this year! I'll be there the whole weekend as a matter of fact. I got two colors of the Adara. Lagoon and Hyacinth. Both are just lovely. I'll cast on that Knitting Pure and Simple Split Neck Pullover as soon as I finish up my final two projects.

Pat: Yes, it's been cold enough to work on wool (hrumph)... and the sleeves are small, so it's not like I have the entire sweater in my lap!!!!

Debby: I like to have one st. st. project for the same reason... it's nice to have something that is portable and a "no brainer". Glad to hear of the improvements... oh and I just caught up on TBV's site after a couple of days. Yikes! it's just getting worse and worse. (everyone should be aware of what's going on. The way Floyd's being treated is absolutely unbelievable. I'm shocked that the USADA thinks that this is a fair process!)

Okay, so what's the plan for today? Well, laundry. I love doing laundry. Makes me feel like I justify my "full time housewife" status without really having to do much... and it gives me lots of time to knit!!!

However, I've got the Spring Forward class tomorrow, and I need to do the next step handout sheet. Oh and have my saddles done to demonstrate that next step.

Have a super great weekend and good luck to all those bike racers racing tomorrow (Matt will be at Mt. Joy).

Keep on Knittin'!


At 9:59 AM , Sonya said...

Your sitcom chic is really cute! Someone should put you on their payroll or something. There are several sweaters that I can think of that I breezed past when I first saw them, but quickly added them to my to-do list when I saw your version. Oh! I just remembered that I have some Cotton Ease in stash too!

At 11:21 AM , Sarah (AKA Fleecy) said...

So when do we get to see a picture of you wearing the Sitcom Chic? ;-)

So glad you're coming to MD for the weekend - email me and tell me where you're staying! I'll be with Rosie.

I see what you mean about the San Fran. It's definitely got some issues. You know I love mitered squares, but it's really hard to make them work in garments (which is why I pretty much stick with blankets.)

I feel the same way about laundry. It makes me feel like I'm doing something useful. :-) I actually finished my Lacey Vee so today I'm planning to wash & block it. Lord knows when it will be warm enough to wear it though....

At 2:26 PM , Romi said...

Sitcom Chic looks great!

At 6:18 PM , Kate said...

The three buttons is a really nice mod-- great sweater!

At 7:30 PM , Auntie Sue said...

Kudos on your Sitcom!!! I like the three buttons too! I was working on mine last night and BROKE my Denise cord!!!! I couldn't believe it! Denise has let me down... :(

At 10:56 PM , Debby said...

It's beautiful! You did such an awesome job. And, most importantly, you finished!!!!

We are not going to a race tomorrow, because Chris' knee is still pretty swollen. :( Good luck to Matt and Iron Hill!!

At 7:21 AM , Theresa said...

I agree with Sarah...I want to see Sitcom Chic on! It is beautiful, you have inspired me to finish mine.


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