Monday, April 16, 2007

Why yes, I AM flipping off Mother Nature

I wanted to get that horrid San Fran Pullover picture off the top of my blog... sadly to be replaced with this:
ya, you don't really want to enlarge this one, do you?

So anyway, since most of us are dealing with this crap, either with unseasonably cold weather all week, this crap snow... a good ol' nor'easter, let's move onto the good stuff: KNITTING!!!

this one is better to look at larger

I actually could've had the sleeve done yesterday if I hadn't done a huge basic math error (seems that there's a huge difference between 11" and 21" when figuring out my decreases... who knew?). The color in that photo isn't very good (see pic one for an explaination on that). So after having almost the entire first sleeve done, I realized that it was waaaay too short (damn 11" vs. 21") so I pulled back to the elbow and adjusted my decreases. I'll have that sleeve done today ('cause I sure don't have anywhere else to go... again, refer to pic one).

Let me just say again how much I love the way this one is working up. The color is just yummy (for Matt) and the Cotton Ease really is delightful to work with... even with all those cables. I really do think that I'm leaning more and more towards cotton/acrylic blends, even for cable work. It's not "splitty" and the way this is draping and showing the cables is fabulous. I wish the color palette was a little larger (the new colors are too dusty and the old colors were too neon. Expand that palette Lion Brand and you might just have the perfect yarn!).

So... what else did I work on? Well, as I said, I really do like to have a simple st. st. project around... so I went ahead and cast on the Knitting Pure and Simple Split V in the Adara (hyacinth):
probably not a huge difference if you enlarge this one

I'm just about to join the fronts to work in the round... then it will become nice and boring and I'll complain a lot about how boring it is and question why am I knitting this... it's so boring... blah blah blah.

Okay, lot's of comments to catch up on:

We'll start with the general thanks to everyone that left me comments about both the Sitcom Chic and the San Fran Pullover. I appreciate everyone taking the time to leave me comments about it!

Several comments were made about the neckline on the San Fran Pullover. I actually use that neckline a lot. Now, it's more obvious on such a huge scooping neckline as the San Fran, but it's actually the same I'm using for Matt's SOA. A simple 1 X 1 rib followed by 4 rows of st. st., which then rolls forward. I like it for several reasons... I think it looks cool, but it also keeps me from casting off my ribbing too tight.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm sure the San Fran will find a nice home somewhere. The combo of the cheap acrylic yarn, the business of the multi color yarn and the dropped shoulder style (and the huge neckline) makes it just so not me.

Today I'll be knitting. On Matt's SOA... yes, I know I have his Natural Beauty Fair Isle to finish up (and I even cast on a new project before it was done... but hey, I did get TWO projects finished). It just shows me that I would rather knit cables that deal with stranding. I like the look of fair isle, but it's not my favorite to knit. Let's face it: I'm a cable girl!!!

Okay, I'm off to knit...

Keep on Knittin'!


At 9:07 PM , Debby said...

YAY for you -- you get double points for finishing this one since you didn't like the sweater but finished it anyway. That is pure uphill knitting, as it were.

The thing that gives me pause about the SF pullover design (not that you asked, but...) is that on the front of the sweater are these big down arrows that tend to point to a wearer's midsection...I suspect that anyone who is not super skinny is going to look much larger than they might actually be with those wide arrows.

The weather is just insulting. We didn't get the snow, but if you'd like to come for a swim, I now have waterfront property. My neighbors along the back wall have a huge lake that stretches across the three properties. The ducks are in heaven!


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