Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Rare Sunday Post... and it's not about knitting

Yesterday was one beautiful, busy day for us, and I wanted to share.

As most readers know, my husband does bike racing. It's a bit of an addiction (there's even been a discussion about an intervention...)

I tagged along yesterday so I could get some pictures, and while they might not be about knitting, there's still some beautiful scenery:

We started the day bright and early and headed up to Sevens, PA (hmmm, some of my SnBer's might recognize the town... as we weren't that far from the Yarn Store on the Farm). This is serious Pennsylvania Dutch territory, and the local Mennonites turned out for the race. Here's Matt's race just as they were getting ready to start.

And they're off to ride the roads in beautiful Lancaster County:

These gentlemen were standing behind me commenting on the race in Pennsylvania Dutch (a local language that's a combination of German and English).

Here's Matt (the one in the beard) and his teammate working hard. Both had a great finish in the top 10!

Then back home, fuel up, shower and nap before he warmed up for the Iron Hill Twilight Crit:

Here's the race just about to start.

I would say that less than half the guys finished the crit. Crits are short 4 corner races... think NASCAR on a bike. 33 laps with sharp turns and some racers that shouldn't have been in the race made for a messy, dangerous ride (with speeds averaging between 25-30 MPH).

However, the Iron Hill team did their sponser proud (being the title sponser of the race) and had 2 in the top 20:

Yep, that's Matt. He finished 18th, which for a Crit is a fabulous finish for him (Crits are for the strong sprinters, not the tiny climbers).

So that was my day. I did knit during the Pieffer Hill race, but the Crit is hard to do that... the laps are short and I was nervous the whole race (did I mention there were a lot of crashes?)


At 11:58 AM , Kate said...

Congratulations to Matt! Two great finishes, and both in one day-- wow. I sat on my butt and knit a mitered square. It was fun though!

At 12:17 PM , Kristen said...

Congratulations Matt! I am exhausted just reading about it, and I would have been too nervous to knit at that 2nd race too. What pretty country they rode through; I've always wanted to visit Penn. Dutch country.

At 7:06 PM , Theresa said...

Wow...what a finish..Matt I am impressed. I know you worked hard! Great Results!!!! Congratulations.

At 7:44 AM , Cindy said...

Thanks guys! It was a great racing weekend for Matt!

Kristen: Lancaster County is just lovely (with globs of great yarn stores and I happen to know a lovely B&B in the area... and you can even get the owner to give you a yarn store tour... heehee!!!)

Theresa will even drive... won't ya dear!


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