Monday, April 30, 2007

Just an other Monday post

Not much to update, since yesterday's photo of the SOA. I should have the back done today and maybe even get to the front.

I do have a new laptop on order and it should be here either by the end of this week or early next week.

An update from the weekend race. Matt's team did the Tour de Ephrata, a two day, three event race. Saturday was the road race and Sunday was a mountain individual time trial (it's called Mt. Pain for a reason) with a crit in the afternoon. A lot of a racing.

The team has some problems on Saturday with some bad crashes. Chris broke his collarbone in the cat 4 race and Jim went down pretty hard in the cat 3 race. Matt went with Jim to the trauma center. Luckily he didn't have a concussion (that's why ya gotta wear a helmet folks), however, 15 stitches on his head. The the other injuries were minor (mostly road rash). Matt didn't go down in the Cat 3 and finished in the pack. It was a tough Saturday, but Sunday went better. Matt improved his time trial time from last year (and with a nasty headwind), with Bryan finishing 12th on the TT, Matt had the best finish in the crit, with a 17th place finish.

Next weekend is the Turkey Hill Classic, however, I don't think Chris or Jim will be racing. Maybe they'll want to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool? I'll have to ask....

Off to finish up the back of Matt's SOA!!
Keep on Knittin'!


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