Thursday, April 19, 2007

Updates from The Shire..

The advantage of being married to a self described freakishly small man:

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The knitting goes fast. One sleeve done and the other started. It's so beautiful, let's take an other view:

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Yes, I'm working it flat. I just don't like doing cables in the round. Plus I don't mind seaming. Again, I can't get over how lovely the fabric is. The color is perfect for Matt and the Cotton Ease is wonderful to work with.

I did have a moment of panic yesterday as I was cleaning up projects. I only found 4 more skeins of yarn! What was I thinking???? I only had ordered 6 skeins (I guess I thought I was going to do a straight forward sweater... with not so many cables). Luckily, Theresa ordered her's at the same time and she has a few extra skeins in the same dye lot that she could part with (she's using her's to do her Sitcom Chic... tres chic indeed. Can't wait to see it!).

So many projects (again, if I don't have enough room to store the WIP's and the stash, how do I expect to store the finished projects?????), so what else did I work on yesterday?

The Split V is in one piece:

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I'm doing only minor changes to this one. I'm continuing the garter at the neckband down a few rows and making it decorative. I'll probably also short rows some bust darts... we'll see. I'll try it on to see how much bust room I need. The last time I tried that with a top down tee, I underestimated how many short rows I needed... not pretty.

One other project in the rotation... a crochet summer sweater:

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That's the Bernat Miami that's on sale at Smiley's right now. A really soft ribbon yarn. I don't like knitting with ribbon yarns too much, but I do like them for crochet. I'm using a Lion Brand pattern for a shaped V neck pullover, with a couple of changes. I'm not doing the bottom ribbing and I probably won't do the circle neck thingie... not me.

So that's my latest updates. Oh, I did do one other thing yesterday: I started a spreadsheet for my Mermaid kit. I did email about the one that's already been done, but it's been almost 3 weeks, and I never heard back, so I'll just do my own. The pattern is very poorly written with directions all over the place. I just need some way of tracking all the different elements that are going on.

Thanks to everyone that left comments yesterday!!!

Okay, so back to Matt's addictive SOA... enough of this computer stuff! I've got knitting to do!!!!

Keep on Knittin'!


At 12:10 PM , Nicole said...

The vables llok beutiful and so does that cotton ease.

Happy Belated Birhtday!


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