Thursday, April 26, 2007

Slow Progress, but oh so worth it...

I spent most of yesterday working on the Shoalwater Shawl, getting the second repeat done:
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So two repeats done, making only 2 and a half more to go!!! Which sounds great, until you realize that each repeat adds 96 stitches... yikes! Oh, and let me also say that if I were doing it in a DK weight yarn, I would only have that half repeat to go. Let's not dwell on that. It's so worth it, as the lace is just lovely (the yarn is from Josyln's Fiber Farm in the plumes colorway (I think it's the angel hair yarn... don't remember).

However, let's face it, for me it's all about cables.
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The back is progressing. Actually quite quickly, as I didn't really work that much on it yesterday (spent most of the day with Shoalwater and the Jamaican drawstring purse). Let me reiterate how much I love this sweater. I still say that Janet Szabo has a lovely touch with cable combinations. (just a quick reminder: the pattern is the Son of A.R.A.N., aka: SOA, which Janet hosted as a knit along on the aran knitlist years ago. You can get the pattern here in chatty format, or you can buy the pattern in a traditional format, either by buying the first issue of Twists & Turns or from Black Water Abbey. I did do a lot of tweeking to get the pattern to work with the Cotton Ease.)

So anyhoo... I had to get back to knitting yesterday. If I don't knit, I browse patterns and magazines and plan on more projects, then I may just "accidently" swatch (usually the back) of a new project, 'cause we all know that swatching isn't "real" knitting (or we wouldn't all hate swatching so much, right?). Of course I read the Yarn Harlot yesterday and was all inspired by the project that she's obsessing over (note to Rowan: your delibrate attempt to make your designs look hideous in your magazines and books really hurts you. I think the focus should be on the sweater, not on the art direction or the model's distracting hair style... and guess what, you can have stylish art direction while still focusing on the sweater. Look at the Japanese knitting books). I admit that I don't usually bother with Rowan patterns, as I really don't like how they present them. However, I do think that Vanessa's version is absolutely stunning (and btw: she has super art direction. I am envious of her photography skills).

So anyway, I must ignore all desires to cast on something new so I can focus on Matt's gorgeous SOA sweater. Then I'll cast on something new. Of course, swatching does not count (remember that it's not "real" knitting, after all).

Today's plans? Hmmm.... a little SOA, perhaps? Some day baseball? Man, life is good!!!

Keep on Knittin'!!!


At 12:05 PM , Romi said...

Those are looking great!

At 9:27 AM , Nicole said...

I am jeslous my shoal water stalled. But maybe down the line as I am more confidinate with my knitting. Yours look gorgeous and is progressing nicely. I am happily working on those Landscape scarves. Have fun!


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