Monday, April 23, 2007

Second Sleeves Suck

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Matt's SOA is progressing a little more slowly. I should've had that second sleeve done over the weekend. I just couldn't work on it as consistantly on Sunday as I did Saturday (tho' I did get a lot done on Saturday). At this point all the decreases are done, so it's just a few more rows then the ribbing. Not much left, really. Then I'll get to the body.

The Shoalwater is a fairly boring knit, quite frankly... and it's slow going. However, I'm happy with the yarn I finally decided on... even if it IS lace weight:

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It's definitely a short burst when knitting it. I'll work on it when I feel like it, but I already decided that I probably won't wear it much. So it's one of those projects that will be lovely, and I'll be glad I knit it, but not a practical addition to my wardrobe.

A question from comments: Nicole asked about making the Landscape scarf slightly larger. There are two very easy ways to make the scarf bigger. The easiest is to just use a heavier yarn at a bigger gauge. The scarf calls for fingering weight, just switch to a sport or a DK and follow the directions as is and you'll get a bigger scarf. Also, the pattern is pretty straight forward so you can just add extra stitches (consistantly) before you start the next pattern section.

Other comments: thanks for the well wishes for Matt and his race... the 1/2/3 went well. Sadly, it was a bunch sprint at the end, and that's not Matt's forte. However, he stayed with the pros, so he finished in the pack. I think he was a bit concerned about getting dropped. Average speeed? 35-40 mph. Matt then did the 30+ race as well and same kind of finish. He had a good time, and it sounds like the race course had been fixed from last year.

The team did well in the Cat 4 race, with their riders coming in first, second and fourth. Hopefully, Matt will have more details on his blog later today.

It was a gorgeous weekend weather-wise, and it looks like today will be a continuation of that... and I fully intend to enjoy it! Finish up the second sleeve on the SOA and hopefully move onto the body too. I'll probably work on an other project, but the secondary project isn't as important... it's more just to give me a break from working on the same thing all day.

Have a great Monday!!!
Keep on Knittin!!!


At 12:08 PM , Nicole said...

The SOA looks great. So does Shoalwater shawl. Even though it is slow going. Enjoy the weather!

At 12:54 PM , Anonymous said...

Not sure what's going on but the last several days when I come to your blog, I can't see the pictures. There's just a double lined "text" box where the picture should be.

At 4:41 PM , Debby said...

Your shawl looks pretty! I think it would be perfect for the changeable weather we've been experiencing.

Maybe you need a small quick knit for some instant gratification in between these larger slow-growing projects?

Glad that Matt had a good experience overall in his races on Saturday. Our training races are over, but Chris and I did a 30 mile ride yesterday. I'm amazed I rode hills and have survived to tell about it. :)

At 5:21 PM , Kate said...

Wow, that sweater is gorgeous-- you are one talented knitter, lady. Glad to hear the race went well, (I consider no crashes a good day)!


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