Friday, April 20, 2007

Same Old Same Old

One of the problems with working on the same project is how boring my blog becomes.

Matt's SOA is progressing nicely. The second sleeve is already at the start of the decreases. I plan on working a bit on it today.

I didn't work on any of the other projects yesterday, but I did work a few rows on my Shoalwater (it's a lot further along than that photo)... I'm wondering if I can have it done by Maryland Sheep & Wool? Ya, me either (not even thru 2 repeats... and I need 4.5 total with the lace weight yarn).

I also spent some time getting frustrated playing Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. Here's the deal. The thing that I always loved about the Ratchet and Clank games was the pure "Fun"ness of them. While some sections could be challenging, I never got overly frustrated with them... at least with the main story (some of the skill points could get very frustrating, but that's why they're "skill points"... and completely optional). However, the PSP controls are so hard to deal with, especially with camera issues, that it's making it very frustrating. Not being able to move the camera in certain platform sections (or fast enough when you can control it) makes the platform sections about memorization, not about game playing. You can't see what's coming, so you guess, die, and start at the beginning... over and over again. So each platform section I'm having to work it at least 10 times or more. It might just be my "newbie" status on the PSP. This is the first game I'm playing on it, and I might get more comfortable as I progress, but why oh why didn't they put in a second thumbstick so I can control the camera better?

It looks like we're finally going to have a lovely weekend. Matt's race is on Sunday this weekend, and it's a crit (meaning they ride around in circles...pedal hard, turn left, pedal hard, turn left, rinse and repeat). It's also a Cat 1/2/3 race. So he'll be with the big boys. He's done a lot of 3/4 races, but this is (I believe) his first 1/2/3. And it's a crit (not his specialty at all). So there's zero expectations on results. The hope is that he can work for Tim or Bryan and get out on some breaks. We'll see. Elite races are a lot different than the lower cat races (you see a lot more team strategy at that level).

Oh, and Stephan put up some photos from the Thursday night crit on his blog. It's hard to pick out Matt (he's so small he gets lost in the pack), but this is what he does every Thursday night.

Have a good weekend!
Keep on Knittin'!


At 8:41 AM , Kate said...

MIssed you last night! Have a great weekend, and enjoy the weather!

At 9:17 AM , Matt Perry said...

Yes we will be racing the big boys this weekend.. This crit goes clockwise so its go straight make a right,go straigh and hang a right , straight again then right.. and so on.. Oh and the big thing is don't use the brakes or they will yell at you and put you into the curb...

At 2:33 PM , Nicole said...

Missed you last night! I had aquestion for you. It is great to hear that you are working on the shoalwater shawl. My question is about the landscape shawl. I started by knitting the scarf. And I am almost done with it. Only ttok a few nights. I was wondering if you knew of a simple pattern like that. But a little bigger or is their and easy way to make the scarf pattern a bit bigger I am think for a Mother's Day present which is only in a few weeks. Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like great weather!

At 4:02 PM , Debby said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry I missed your day but it sounds like you enjoyed yourselves.

My projects are progressing slowly too...that seems to be the current mood around blogland, but the weather is beautiful today and is supposed to be that way for the weekend as well, so hopefully we'll all get inspired.

Best wishes to Matt on his race. Two weeks ago, someone crashed into Chris after swerving all over the road, and he has a sore knee. It's still recovering, so hopefully we'll both do some fun rides this weekend, and he'll be back to the races soon.

At 4:59 PM , Nicole V. said...

Good luck Matt!
I can't believe you uttered the word 'shoalwater' :)

At 11:26 AM , Theresa said...

SOA looks great! Looking forward to MS&W ~ :-)


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