Thursday, May 03, 2007

I need 13 inches

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The mis-crossed cable has been fixed. I can see where I laddered down to, as the tension isn't as even as the rest of the sweater, but I'm hoping that it will even out when it gets washed.

So now all that needs to be done is 13 more inches for the body, finish seaming it (I've already started seaming the sleeves) then do the bottom ribbing. Not bad!

However, today I'll be doing laundry, packing, running some last minute errands in prep for leaving tomorrow for Maryland Sheep and Wool. Looks like the weather is very typical spring: it's gonna be cool in the morning and fairly warm by mid day on Saturday. I guess layers is the key!

Lot's to do!!!
Keep on Knittin'!!!!!


At 10:01 AM , knitseashore said...

Hi Cindy,

I'm sorry I haven't commented but I just caught up on your posts this morning. Between the day job and the night job (home projects, to sell the house) I'm not getting much knitting or blogging done, and I miss it.

The SOA sweater looks so good, and your shawl is making my hands itchy for my needles & shawl!! Must get back to my projects soon!!

I'm sorry to read about the crashes with Matt's team last weekend. I'm glad no one was hurt worse, though a broken collar bone and stitches on your head are still pretty bad. But we know these guys wear the road rash, etc, as a badge of honor. :)

Have a fun time at MS&W. I'll think of you while I'm doing my 40-mile slog around NYC in the Five Boro Bike Tour. Hopefully the rest stops are in front of yarn shops?


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