Friday, May 04, 2007

Off To Maryland!!

So I'm off to Maryland today for the entire weekend. This is the first year for staying the whole weekend. I think I'm fairly well prepared with the packing... meaning the knitting bag is packed, but I have no idea what to take to wear.

Always a dilemma this time of year... I'll need something to keep me warm in the morning, but by mid day it should be quite warm (especially in the barns). Soooo if you see me in the morning, I'll probably be wearing my Spring Forward, but by mid day, I'll just have a t-shirt on.

I'm taking several projects to work on. Matt's SOA is coming along. Not good for car knitting, or probably after dinner (we scooped out a microbrewery...)but I expect I'll get some done on it. I'm also taking the Split V tee... perfect car knitting, post microbrewery knitting!!!

This weekend's race is the Turkey Hill Classic. It's a shame that this always falls on the same weekend as the Sheep and Wool festival. It's one f the most family friendly racing events with lots of things for the kids to do, plus Turkey Hill gives out free ice cream (and they make goooood ice cream). Matt might be doing the 1/2/3 again, as one of his teammates couldn't get in the 3/4 (already filled). It's a long race: approx. 75 miles. That's a lot of miles (the ironic thing? Matt would bitch and moan if he had to drive 75 miles...). So if you're in the Lancaster area this weekend, and can't make it to Maryland... go enjoy some good ice cream and watch some great racing! (Matt's the little guy with the beard... you can't miss him).

Oh, and a quick injury report update. Jim is riding, but not racing. However, Chris is done for the season. His broken collarbone requires surgery, which he's having done on Monday.

So I guess I'm off: gotta shave my legs (at least to the knees) and figure out some kind of pajama thing (as a courtesy to my roommates). Plus decide what to wear... decisions decisions!!!

Have a good safe weekend! Keep on knittin'!!!


At 10:00 AM , Nicole said...

See you on Saturday!

At 6:30 PM , Sonya said...

Have a great time! BTW, I haven't shaved above the knees in years. ;o)

At 11:25 PM , Romi said...

I am green with envy.


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