Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Okay, now it's just getting ridiculous!

Matt's SOA is sooo close to being done, yet I swear it's not getting any longer!!!!
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So what? Maybe 3 more inches????? At this point I just want to get it done!

I do, however, have class stuff to do before Saturday. We'll be doing one of the more fun blocks from the Taste of Aran (it uses two cable needles) and I want to have one repeat done to show the students. Plus I still need to finish the April block.

I also have the Spring Forward class and we'll be picking up stitches for the sleeve. I'll be using my Fall Back Cardigan as an example of how not to do it (and I've decided to rip back and re do it):
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I picked up too many stiches for the sleeve and it's not laying flat. I thought I could live with it, but at this point, it's not that big a deal to rip and I'll be at the same spot as the students for class. I also know in the long run I'll be happier with it done right.

One of the things I realized at Maryland Sheep and Wool is you can't change who you are. Last year I bought two fair isle kits... and they're both sitting in the closet. I enjoy knitting texture and cables. No matter how much I love the look of fair isle, it's the cable projects that get done (need we mention the Natural Beauty Fair Isle for Matt that was started in 1999????).

Okay, so off to work a few more rows on Matt's SOA, then must do my homework!

Keep on Knittin'!


At 8:21 AM , Nancy said...

Can tell by the pictures that SOA is growing. It does seem that you can get various projects worked on and fini by teaching! (So, which fair isle kits did you buy that you aren't going to knit?)

At 2:05 PM , Debby said...

The black hole of knitting! I've been there. No fun at all.

What you say about not changing is so true. I don't think I'll ever be a sock knitter, when I can buy ready made socks and use the hand-dyeds for other projects.


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