Monday, May 07, 2007


Back from a fabulous weekend in Maryland. The crowds were bad... even on Sunday, but I was able to get some fab things.

I finally got to meet Janet Szabo (and Theresa took a picture of us, but I forgot my camera). The weather was a little colder than I expected so it's good that I had my Spring Forward with me.

Matt's SOA is progressing beautifully and I expect to have it done this week. Then it's back to my Fall Back Cardigan (the wool version of the Spring Forward) as we're at the point of picking up the sleeves for class. So from here out it I'll be knitting along with the class.

So I did a little shopping, and I'm thrilled with what I got. I did get enough of the Brooks Fiber Farm yarn to make an other Half Linen Cardigan... and I got enough to make it longer. I got an unusual color of Bartlett yarns at a good price (the vendor is retiring and was selling off her stock at $4/skein). I did swatch and start a simple st. st. cardigan in it... and I'm loving it. It does seem a bit lighter weight than my other Bartlett and it's making a nice fabric. I know I won't be able to get an accurate photo of just how lovely the yarn is.

I got a kit from Shelridge Farm (don't I always?) and some beautiful alpaca/merino wool to make Matt a scarf. However, he asked for gloves. And I quote "you haven't made me gloves since I lost that one".... hmmmm, do you see a connection there?

Some new patterns and some bargin wool and that's it. Productive, within expectation of what I was planning on getting. I had a fabulous time with my friends, but I never seem to have enough time to see everyone.

While I was away, my new laptop arrived, and I'm still getting used to it. Adding software, transferring files (well, okay, Matt's adding software and transferring files). That's why there are no photos... still need to do some things to prep that.

Today I'm going to concentrate on Matt's SOA and probably do some work on my afghan block for class on Saturday. I'll also play with the laptop a bit and get it set up so I can post some pics tomorrow.

At some point I really do need to organize/clean out project and stash yarn. However, that cuts into knitting time... so I'll just shove the new stuff somewhere for the time being and concentrate on finishing Matt's SOA (heehee)

Keep on knittin'!!!!


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