Friday, May 18, 2007

The Friday Post

I was going to write about the Floyd Landis hearing, but I can't seem to verbalize my feelings and opinions. All I can say is that I try to keep an open mind, yet human nature always disappoints me. My impressions of Floyd has not changed and my heart is breaking for him and his family. It seems for every kind and good hearted person in the world, there's three petty, vindictive and even cruel people out there. I will say that yesterday's testimony from Lemond doesn't sit true to me, and quite frankly, I really don't see how it directly effects the hearing, other than the USADA's attempt to do charactor assination... something they've been doing from the beginning. Oh, and Debby, I haven't decided what I'm going to do today as far as following the hearing. Lemond's testimoy was placed in a very odd order, and I think was quite masterful... most are no longer paying attention to the hearings, but rather getting all worked up over LeMond's odd testimony.

Okay, let's get back to the knitting part of this blog... and there's not much here. Not much knitting, and really not much interest right now. A little post project depression, I'm sure.

However, I did get my Cascade 220 from Webs. The Shire is a lovely rich green and I'm thrilled. Now to design a special Bilbo/Frodo/Sam? sweater for Matt. Let me say that he's completely enthralled with the honeycomb pattern on the SOA... which is funny, as it's never been one of my favorites... I like a nice lattice cross type of pattern (like the one used in the Cozy Shawl Collared Aran Pullover). I will say that the Cotton Ease and the honeycomb are a great combo. They seem to have more "depth" than when I've done them in wool.

Maybe I'll watch some Lord of the Rings today to inspire me... or play video games. (hey! I can do both! I have a LOTR game!!!). I do know that I must vaccuum! It's been a really bad shedding season this year (too bad I don't spin!)

So I'm keeping the faith and I'll keep on knittin'!!!!


At 12:07 PM , Lamzie Divy Woolens said...

Hi Cindy,
Any thoughts on starting a Forest Frost Aran? Knitting the FLAK was a lot of fun and I'm ready to start something new, but I want it to be a cardigan. I will drop everything and start this if I can persuade you into leading!

At 2:57 PM , Anonymous said...

I finally finished the mystery gift I was working on! (that's my knitting content comment, since this is a knitting blog).

I'm still reading TBV. It's a sickness. My heart breaks for Floyd and his family over yesterday's soap opera, but they seem to be very strong and will make it through.

At 2:57 PM , Debby said...

Cindy -- the previous comment was me. Blogger sent it before I could type in my name.



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