Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not much new

Nothing really to update this morning, as I had errands all morning yesterday, then didn't get much knitting done in the afternoon.

Not sure what I'll work on today. The knitting I did do yesterday was on the Split V and it's a little on the boring side. Good TV watching knitting, but to just sit and knit it becomes tedious after a bit (I'm at the point where I just knit around and around and around... all the waist decreasing is done, so I'm just knitting around til I get to the hip increases). Not feeling overly motivated right now, so it's just a matter of deciding what I feel like working on.

At some point, I need to get to work on Mermaid. I know that I'm going to love wearing it, but the directions are just so tedious to follow. I've sent two emails to Needles and Hooks (where she says she'll send out spreadsheets... I sent one at the end of March and an other email after she updated about the spreadsheet 4/11) and received absolutely no response. I am taking it very personally, as it seems that other people are getting responses and she's still sending out the spreadsheet. I really didn't want to have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but it looks like I have no choice. Today may not be a good day for it tho' (heehee... might be in a bit of a snarky mood, perhaps?)

Okay, I'm off...must decide what I want to work on...
Keep on knittin'!


At 7:20 AM , knitseashore said...

I hope that you get mermaid figured out soon! It sounds frustrating.

I too have been addicted to TBV commentary this week, but I think I'm going to have to stop. Yesterday's events made me numb. I am so sad for Floyd and he needs a miracle.


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