Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking Forward to Fall

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The Fall Back Cardigan is back on track, and I'm much happier with the sleeves. Well worth ripping back and doing it right (let's face it, how often have we ripped back and thought, well that wasn't worth it? rarely... fixing mistakes always seems to be the right decision).

Let me say that I have never had a project that was so hard to get a photo with anything even remotely representing the actual color of the yarn. I had to do a lot of color manipulation in Photoshop on that one, just so it didn't look like a light lavendar... the color is a dark cranberry heather (the heather is very blueish).

So I expect to crank out a few more rows on it today and maybe spend some time with something a little more summery (the split V perhaps?) so that I can wear a finished project in season.

Thanks to everyone that left me comments on Matt's Son of A.R.A.N. (and Lauren, I didn't censor your comment, that was blogger. If it were up to me, you could curse away in my comments!!!!). Kate: as much as I would love wearing it, it actually doesn't fit me that well. The sleeves are too long (for as much as we tease about Matt being freakishly small, he's still taller than me) and my dress form wears a size B cup... and let's just say that I don't. No worries, tho' as I do have one swatched for me in a beautiful shade of Cascade 220. Kristen: it was delightful to finally meet Janet in person, and yes she didn't seem frightened at all... as for the Cotton Ease: yes! give it a try!!!!

So yes, the general consensus on the SOA is that it Rocks! I will say that this ended up being the best project of the year to date. (5 weeks to knit is a good indication on how much I enjoyed knitting it!) So thanks again for all the rockin' comments!

Okay, I'm off to finish up this repeat on the Fall Back sleeves!
Keep on Knittin'!


At 1:11 AM , knitseashore said...

As a person who loves summer, and is traumatized by a winter birthday, I shall respectfully ignore your blog title post today. :) :) I am very much looking forward to Memorial Day!!

Seriously, your Son of Aran looks great on Matt, and he will be the best dogwalker in your neighborhood.

I am glued to, addicted to, obsessed with TBV and Rant. Excellent coverage of the hearings. I am so sorry I couldn't have traveled to PA for the fundraiser on Saturday. I would have loved to have attended! Floyd's mom looked so cute riding in her skirt. :)

At 3:23 PM , Lauren said...

Yeah, also NOT happy with the title of your post. This weather is pure bliss!!!

Question- if I am a B-cup and your dress form is a B-cup, why are her boobs bigger than mine?!?!


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