Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Prep

No photos today, as there's nothing really to update. I didn't work on Matt's SOA since the picture from yesterday. Instead I worked on my afghan square for tomorrow's class.

I probably won't work on it today either... due to the icky muggy weather again, plus I'm going out to lunch. However, it will be done by the end of the weekend.

I've been slacking on responding to comments (sorry!)

First, the general thanks to everyone that reads my blog and takes the time to comment!

Nancy asked me the other day which fair isle kits I bought last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I got two kits specifically for Matt last year. A Philosopher's Wool Cardigan (which has been started) and a kit from Yarns International (Bayberry). See, Matt loves fair isle sweaters... but I'm just not that fond of knitting them. I have a Salt Lake City kit in the closet that needs to be restarted (70 lbs weight loss makes it impractical for Matt now... so it's a complete do-over). We won't even discuss how close I am to finishing the Natual Beauty Fair Isle... so while I can make him the Son of Aran in less than 6 weeks from swatch to finish, it's taking me 7 years to knit him a partial fairl isle sweater!!!

Debby: I by no means am a sock knitter. I love sock yarn, as the hand dyed yarns are just lovely. However I find I don't like wearing wool socks. I much prefer the good ol' cotton socks (and for those who are interested: I wear boys socks... they fit my short wide foot best). So you are not alone. I have a few pairs I've made just so I have them for knitting events, but you'll see me in commercial socks (where I try to convince people that the swoosh makes that whole intarsia thing hard to do in the round).

Several comments on the speed of my knitting Matt's SOA. Here's a little confession. I'm officially a full time housewife (but I find that description a little misleading, as it sounds like I do housework. I do not. I knit with the occassional load of laundry and throwing a quick meal on the table). So I do spend the bulk of my day knitting. Every once in a while I find the "perfect" project. One that must be done. It's a rarity, but I love when it happens. The combination of the Cotton Ease and the wonderful Son of ARAN pattern is just so perfect. It was a fun and interesting knit... and while I was ready for it to be done, I still enjoyed the pattern and the yarn.

Another confession: I did order the Cascade 220 in Shire. How could I not?? Now I just need to find a nice hobbit sweater for Matt to knit up for him. Any suggestions?

Kristen suggested Jake needs a hand knit sweater, but sadly I've already tried that. It did not go over well. He much prefers to sleep on my hand knits rather than actually wearing them (or in that case, crocheted).

Okay, I'm off to get my day started. Have a good weekend

Keep on knittin'!


At 6:34 AM , Kristen said...

I can understand how Jake just wants to snuggle up on your knits. Somehow a dog wearing a sweater does not seem manly, or should I say dogly.
A suggestion for the Shire Cascade 220 - the Stone Walls vest from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Vests. I made this for my dad last fall and loved knitting it - fast and simple but with a beautiful cable pattern.


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