Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Monday!!!!

Yes, I know at least one person just flipped me off with that title...

So what's new? Well, I think in contrast to finishing Matt's SOA, I'm in a simple knitting mode:
ya, you could click to enlarge, but I'm not sure how much good it will do ya

Holy Mulespun Wool, What a crappy picture!!!

That's just a straight up cardigan (I'm not using a pattern... yikes!) in the Bartlett Wool I got at MD S$W. The color is Blackberry and stunning in person. I know I won't get a good picture of the beauty of the yarn. The simple st. st. seems very comfortable right now. I'm also wondering that since I'm making my own pattern if that's keeping me interested (I want to see if I'm doing it right).

Meanwhile, I've swatched up some Tatamy Tweed DK for a pullover for Matt:
Click to enlarge

The color is Evergreen and just scrumptious. I'm using a Knitting at Knoon pattern called "Jersey Shore Weekender". Matt and I have already decided that we like the "wrong" side of the stitch pattern, so I'll be making "wrong side out".

So more started, more yarn purchased as there was a little road trip to Kraemer Yarns in Nazareth over the weekend... hence the Tatamy Tweed DK and the new evergreen yarn.

Let me say that I really like Kraemer yarns. Their color palette it fabulous and they have a lovely variety of yarn... from a bulky wool, an aran wool, a superwash wool (with fab colors, I might add) to my favorite, their cotton/acrylic blends (in dk and worsted weight). The shop carries a bunch of other yarns as well (which I wasn't expecting) and great patterns! The shop is right in the building with the mill, so it has that feel to it. So it's not a flashy, glossy shop. My only complaint? The staff was extremely "challenged". Kraemer has some great free patterns on their web site, yet the women working there were clueless about them.

So a young enthusiastic girl came in to learn how to knit and I cringed with the help they were giving her. I hope that they don't turn her off from knitting. Maybe it's a generation difference, but I found the women in the shop not very helpful, on many levels.

I am glad to have been to the shop, as it was great to see all the colors in person (the color swatches online don't do this yarn justice at all!). I'm soooo glad that Darlene carries this yarn as it's quickly become one of my favorite brands!

Okay, back to the chores of the day...
Keep on Knittin'!!!!


At 7:18 AM , Lauren said...

Pre coffee: Totally flipped you off for that title.

Post coffee: Was still bitter about the perkiness of that post and flipped you off again.

At 11:02 AM , Fleecy Knits said...

I'm totally jealous you got to go to Kraemer yarns. I sure wish it was closer to me. :-) Bummer about the staff though.


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