Monday, May 28, 2007

Is It Summer Already???

The Memorial Day weekend has felt more like the 4th of July weekend... hot, muggy with some pretty nasty little thunderstorms (Jake's against thunderstorms, btw).

We spent some time getting the deck cleaned up and setting up the deck furniture. I decided that we need some placemats for the table, so I've actually spent most of the weekend crocheting some simple placemats. I'll get some pics when they're done.

However, that doesn't mean other stuff isn't getting done:
Fall Back Cardigan, first sleeve completed
click to enlarge

The first sleeve is done on the Fall Back Cardigan. While the weather is not "wool friendly", I still want to keep focused on this... as the next Spring Forward class is in mid June. I'm still thinking that we'll probably still be on sleeves (I think sleeves are the most challenging "math-wise" for a custom fit), but I want to be ready to show how to pick up the stitches for the body, just in case.

I also did a little yarn clean up early this weekend, and found a project that I had started when I got the yarn, but promptly put aside:
Herminia by Elsebeth Lavold in Hempathy
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Ya, a "sport" weight yarn on size 2 needles. (I will say that I can't imagine knitting Hempathy at 22 sts to 4"... even on size 2 needles the yarn is quite drapey). Anyway, I had cast on the back and worked like 4 rows of the garter stitch and thought "what the hell was I thinking? this is going to take FOREVER!!!" Well, I picked it up and worked a few rows and realized that the sweater is going to be absolutely fabulous. The garter rows have to be short rowed to counter the lace panels (garter has more rows per inch than the lace)... so it's a lot of garter stitch. On size 2 needles. However, it's interesting knitting, so it's not as bad I was expecting (4 rows of garter to start wasn't so interesting, but I'm enjoying the lace panels).

I'm still working a bit here and there on some other projects, but I really want to get the new placemats finished (and it's nice to have a crochet project in the mix as well).

Well, I need to get my workout in before it gets any warmer today (it's already very muggy) then back to the placemats!


At 6:34 AM , Kristen said...

Yikes, size 2's. But Herminia is so pretty it will be worth the pain.


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