Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kraemer Love Fest

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So the Jersey Shore Weekender for Matt is moving along nicely. The Tatamy Tweed DK is just so nice to work with. It's a nice pattern stitch and it's knitting up quickly.

However, I still need to keep up with the Fall Back Cardigan (I didn't bother with a picture this morning as I have to spend a lot of time fixing the color in Photoshop). The first sleeve has a little more than one repeat to go. Our next class is mid-June, so I do have plenty of time, but I need to keep working on it.

So right now I'm switching between the two projects... a little on the sleeve of the Fall Back, then when I need something mindless, I pick up the Jershey Shore project.

I'm still obsessively following the Floyd Landis hearing on Trust But Verify's site. I haven't tried to get the actual video feed... it sounds like it's a little unreliable anyway, so I'm just hitting the refresh button a lot. I'm sorry however I didn't get to see yesterday's testimony by Dr. Wolfram Meier-Augenstein as it sounded quite entertaining. Best quote:

question: where is it in the spec it matters if it's outside the spec?
answer: they must have some criteria, how do they choose? Divine intervention? I'm amazed. You're left with the GCMS, which has mass spectra, then you get to retention time, and it doesn't match in the IRMS. How do you identify one unknown peak among 5 unknown peaks? I don't know how they do it.

The thing that I've learned from reading the updates is that the press certainly can spin their view anyway they want. It's been interesting to see what they're excluding in their articles compaired to what's actually going on. To say that this system is sooo wrong is an understatment. Just hope that the LNDD doesn't ever do any lab work for you (or have a friend who is arrested for a DUI... cause if your friend is irresponsible to do something like that, that logically means you are too).


At 5:33 PM , Debby said...

I am doing the same, hitting refresh for TBV's transcripts. I haven't looked at "real" media for fear of what they're actually reporting.

Chris' first official race is this weekend! How's Matt doing?

Your sweater looks great so far and I can tell this is one project you are really enjoying. :)


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