Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Sewing and Fit

I ran back to Joann's yesterday and got some nice inexpensive fabric for some pants (they were having a great sale) and I'm always suckered into looking thru the pattern books.

Simplicity now has a series of patterns with cup size adjustments... going up to a D cup. Yay! So I got a couple and I'll give them a try. It should be easier to adjust a D cup rather than a B cup.

Sarah made a comment about her issues with fitting. Well, as I mentioned in my blog title yesterday, I have an hourglass figure... meaning that my hips are as large as my bust size. So again, if I go by my measurements, I need a size 18 pattern for my bottom and for my bust. However, as I've stated yesterday, that makes the neck and shoulders waaaaay too large for my body. To compensate, I use a size 18 on the bottom (as taking it in at at the waist is fairly simple... either by using elastic or adding more to the dart) then using a size 14 on top, then trying to adjust the bustline. When I make dresses, I look for styling that makes adding the two sizes easier (either with a waist seam, or with a princess seam that I can "merge" the sizes). Of course there's always the "seperates" options... a skirt and matching top option.

I also find that once I have a pattern that fits right, I'll just keep making that pattern... even tho' I keep buying more patterns!!!

I will say that the lack of vanity sizing in sewing patterns can be a little depressing... considering that average American woman wears a size 14 in ready to wear, but that's about a size 18 in sewing patterns can be a little hard on the self esteem... which is why ready to wear keeps lowering their numbers!

Quick editorial: I can not turn off anonymous comments for my blog (don't know why), but I do moderate all comments. I will no longer be approving anonymous comments. You will either need to use a blogger account or you will need to sign your comments for me to approve them.

Well, I've got some quick and easy drawstring pants to make today (oh and fix a torn racing bib for one of Matt's teammates who crashed over the weekend).


At 9:33 PM , Theresa said...

Split V looks beautiful! and I miss you! :-)


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