Friday, June 01, 2007


Can you guess that I'm a wee bit bored with all my projects right now? I want to get some things done, but I'm just not motivated on any of them to consistantly work on them. I'm just picking something up, knitting a few rows then I put it back down. I have about 5 or 6 projects that I'm cycling thru... with very little progress.

I hate with this happens. Part of me thinks that I just need to find the "right" project, but I really am struggling with the idea of starting something new... as a few of these projects I really want done!!! (the split V is looking really great... I tried it on after I cast off the bottom ribbing and I love it... so why can't I get the sleeves on?????)

So I'm not sure if it's a true project ennui or just with knitting in general right now... or maybe everything. I don't feel much like playing video games right now either.

So I'll just continue playing around with stuff... eventually something will strike me...


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