Monday, May 29, 2006

Continuing with Krappy Picture Monday

A busy weekend, with a little yarn stash enhancing, a new project, and progress on other projects.

My Opal Cotton Petticoat arrived on Friday. Of course I just had to cast on a pair of socks with it. Lovely lovely yarn! I used Liz's broken rib pattern:

The problem is that I used the Brittney dpn's. Just as an FYI: I hate using the Brittney dpn's. As a matter of fact I think that's why I rebelled against sock knitting for so long. They are torturious to use. So I "had" to go get a pair of the Crystal Palace (my favorite... with the Clover bamboo a close second) in the right size.

Of course since I went with Theresa, much enabling was done and we hit two stores (the Yarn Gallery in Reading is lovely, btw. A nice balanced selection of yarns... and a sale room! Inca Aplaca for $5/skein. That's even better than my $4/skein Bartlett!).

I had really hoped to get the first sleeve done on the Rose Leaf Pullover, and I'm pretty frickin' close:

It'll be the first thing done this morning (well after I'm done online, of course). I want to get that second sleeve cast on today as well.

Matt's Retro Ribbed socks are progressing:

They're actually moving along much faster now that I'm on the foot (half st. st. makes it go faster).

Matt had a super weekend racing with great results. He actually ended up doing two races and had top finishes in both. The best results of the season for him. Betty pointed out that it's gotten warm. Duh! Of course. Matt will ride in extreme heat... he's not the least bit bothered by high temps (even upper 90's/100's he'll still ride), but he hates the cold. This was the first really warm racing weekend we've had. Hopefully he'll continue to have great results as the weather gets more consistitantly warm.

I'm away for the rest of the week, but I should still be able to post most of the week.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Where's My Spy Camera

Still no new pictures, as I'm so very lazy about using the old camera.

Update on the knitting projects:

Matt's Retro Rib socks are at the gusset decreases. He's pretty excited about the socks and thinks they'll look great.

The Rose Leaf Pullover is still moving along. I'm on the 4th repeat. I'm pretty sure I only need 5 repeats for my short arms.

After reading the Yarn Harlot's blog yesterday (do I even need to link?), let me say that yes, I am very fortunate with my freakishly small husband (his words, not mine). And to think I didn't even knit when we met... but I knew. I knew the way you know a good melon.

Just for reference purposes (well, sort of... I mean they are bikers and they're all freakishly small), here's Matt. He's the super freakishly small one on the end.

Yes, I think I've posted the picture before, but did I mention that I'm lazy and it's the best I can do until my camera comes back (soon, I hope).

Since we have two topics of conversation in our house (that would be knitting and biking... mostly biking), let me just mention that Matt will be doing "The Wall" in Manayunk on June 9th, sometime after 7:00 pm. This is the famous climb that used to be part of the US Pro Championship (which is no longer held in Philly). He'll be doing a 1 km time trial at about a 17% grade. Sound like fun? Actually he says it's not bad... the amatuers only do it once, the pros do it like 10 times (not nearly as bad as the Mt. Pain Time Trial). If you live in the Philly area and want to watch a fun bike race, this is a good one. Weather permitting, I'll be there!

I'm going to try to finish up the fourth repeat on the first sleeve of the Rose Leaf Pullover today. I'm meeting some of the gals tomorrow for a little knit together (should that be K2tog?) and Matt's got a lot of riding/racing/100 mile training ride this weekend. Should give me lots of time to get this sleeve done!!!!

Happy Knitting and for those in the US: have a safe and fun holiday weekend!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Meet The New Dryer...

Same as the old dryer!

We went and got ourselves a new dryer yesterday. It's basically the same as the one that broke. The only difference is the silkscreening for the controls and this one has an interior light. Oh, and it's 10 years newer...

So today I'll do some laundry. Okay, I'll do a lot of laundry. I can already tell this dryer gets hotter. I'll have to watch that to make sure I'm not killing my clothes.

Matt says I'm addicted to Ratchet and Clank 2. I have no idea what he's talking about. Just because I'm playing it all day, including before breakfast doesn't mean I'm addicted. I can quit any time. Really.

Some knitting has been done. I'm on the gussets of the first Retro Rib Sock for Matt. I'm on the third repeat for the first sleeve for the Rose Leaf Pullover. See, that's knitting getting done... but I have 3 more weapons that I need to max out to get the skill point... I figure that should take me 8 or 9 more hours... then I have to do the two races and hit all the rings to get the last two plantinum bolts. That's probably an other 8 or 9 hours (and hopefully no broken controllers).

Ya, okay, maybe I am addicted.

Off to sort laundry.

Happy Playing Knitting

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Got me some new shoes!

Yesterday I was on a quest. A quest for a pair of shoes. A very specific pair of shoes. They needed to be slip ons (as I'm lazy). They needed to be brown. I didn't want a high heel. I didn't want a wedge heel. I didn't want a low cut. I wanted a basic pair of dress casual brown slip on shoes to wear with my chinos.

I guess I wanted a pair of penny loafers.

Could I find a pair of penny loafers? Nope, all the women's shoes I could find either had the high heel, the wedge heel, were clogs (I can't wear clogs. I walk heel to toe and literally walk right out of them) or just "not right".

I saw many pairs that I liked in the men's department. Perfect casual slip on loafers. Hmmm... wonder what the boy's department has?

Well, they had Hush Puppies Penny Loafers, exactly what I was looking for, but would they fit? I do wear boys socks (as women's socks are HUGE on me), so I started with a size 5W... too large, how bout a 4W? nope, but the 3W fit just perfect! Good to know... and I'll be checking the boys department for my next pair of sneakers too!

This isn't the first time I've bought boys shoes. When I was in college I desperately needed a pair of snow boots to walk around Philly in. I didn't want dressy high heel boots... I wanted snow boots. All the woman's shoes were impractical to walk around slippery brick sidewalks in slushy snow. I ended up in the boys department then too.

I will say that I don't spend a lot of time clothes shopping (as I would rather buy yarn), but I did see some pretty things this time. My favorite shade of blue is "the" color this season (which is good, as I just bought two different yarns in that shade, including the bamboo yarn that I'm using to make the V neck pullover from Inspired Cable Knits)

I did get a little knitting done yesterday... just a few rows on the Rose Leaf Pullover sleeve. I'm hoping to get some more done on that today. As well as buy a dryer.

The camera was shipped off yesterday for repairs, so hopefully I'll be back to more pictures soon. Hmm, maybe I can try to get the firt sleeve done on the Rose Leaf Pullover by then?

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Holy Krappy Pictures, Batman!!!

I remember when I first started using my new camera I didn't think there was that much of an improvement. I take it all back. These pictures suck.

Here's my progress on my FLAK. I think this little cool front we're having is inspiring me to work with wool again.

I'm a visual person and it's easier for me to see how to decrease than figure out where I want the crosses to start when I can't see them yet. Seeing all the finished FLAK's out there, I'm definitely inspired to keep working on this!

Here's the first sleeve of the Rose Leaf Pullover.

Still love the sweater, but I'm just ready for it to be done. It would be perfect for this time of year. It really should be my main concentration right now.

However, I've been in the mindless rhythm of the broken rib of the Bartlett Chanel Style Jacket

It just sorta flies off the needles. The pictures doesn't show the loveliness of the tweedy Bartlett yarn (did I mention I got it for $4/skein?). My only complaint about the Bartlett yarn is the weight. It's just that little bit too bulky for my personal taste. It's fine for this, as I plan on using this as a jacket, but I prefer DK/Worsted weight sweaters. The Bartlett is definitely a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn. I had been thinking about a pullover with the other color, but I know that it's going to be too warm for me. So I'll be doing an other cardigan with it. Maybe... I've been known to change my mind!!!

Today I'm off for a day out with my friend Betty, so not much knitting (or game playing for that matter) today. I'll still try to work a few more rows on the Rose Leaf Pullover.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, May 22, 2006

What's New

Not up to dealing with the old camera today, so no pictures. Here's a status report:

I'm thru the "Challenge Mode" on Ratchet and Clank 2 except the final boss. I need to finish upgrading all my weapons and get the final two platinium bolts so I can get the 100% rating... oh I think I have a few challenges to finish too. I might not bother, as other than the weapon upgrades, everything left is pretty tough.

After re-reading the pattern for the cardigan I'm making using the Bartlett Yarn (have I mentioned that it was $4/skein?), I realized that I was using the wrong gauge numbers. I'm doing a combination of the "As You Like It" pattern (Design Source) and the Melissa Leapman Town Square Jacket (which I've already done). I really enjoy knitting broken rib, but I'm using contrasting yarn for the pocket ribbing and collar giving it a sort of Chanel style jacket. It's going to be very warm... almost a light weight jacket.

I also got to work a bit on the Rose Leaf Pullover. The first sleeve is slowly progressing. I'm on the second leaf motif.

Oh, and I'm back to working on my FLAK. I picked up and started the left (or is it right? I forget) front. I remember why I've been procrastinating on this: I hate trying to do the front increases with the cables. Of course I could sit down and chart it out...

I'm about an inch shy of the heel on Matt's retro rib socks. I'm very happy with how they're turning out, but it's not a fast knit, that's for sure.

My camera is getting boxed up with appropriate paperwork so we can mail it back for repairs. It probably won't go out until Matt's done with his jury duty (oh, and Kristen: sadly, knitting needles are on the banned items list... but they didn't say anything about the trainer...).

Still no dryer, we still haven't received the bill for the tree removal and I'm off to get a small grocery load today.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bad Mojo

Yesterday was one of those days. Blah.

We had an emergency tree removal done (blocking our satelitte and Matt couldn't do any more trimming). I may have mentioned our tree service guys before. "See Tree, Cut Tree" is their mantra. If an other tree is in their way, they'll take it down. I swear they'll just stop at people's houses to take trees down. They are that passionate about tree removal. Really. Anyway, they come in and remove all but the trunk (it was an emergency tree removal after all) and come back to take th rest down. We have no idea what it's gonna cost.

I then throw a load of sheets in the washer. I don't own a lot of sheet sets. I have one set of flannel for winter and one set of cotton knit for the rest of the year. So the sheets come off the bed and have to be put back on before bedtime. No problem... except my DRYER ISN'T WORKING!! So I called my neighbor Betty and threw them in her dryer. Matt tore the dryer apart and didn't see why it's not working (it's getting power, but doesn't turn on). Hmmm, wonder what this is gonna cost us?

Let's not forget my camera is still broken and just sitting here waiting for us to take care of it.

I also had a little "grooming" accident yesterday (don't ask... you really don't want to know).

Good thing last night was SnB! Sadly, the cardigan that I started in my new Bartlett Yarn ($4/skein...snap) was coming out smaller than I needed. So all the knitting done yesterday was frogged. So no picture, no progress, etc.

Matt has jury duty on Monday. He's soooo not looking forward to it (no wi-fi connection).

Oh ya, it was just one of those days. I think I'll play Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando today (and yes Theresa, the controller does have a vibration option).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Krappy Picture Day

The Simple Stripes socks in denim are done. I did go back and add a little length to the foot of the first one and I'm thrilled with how they fit:
I did use do a heel flap for these and I'm still convinced that the afterthought heel is the way to go with stripey socks. I started the socks at the same point in the yarn, started the heel at the same point, etc, they still don't match up at the join. So I'll stick with the afterthought heel for the striped/patterned socks.

I'm still engrossed in my game right now, so this is the only knitting I'm doing. Doesn't keep me from buying yarn. I put a bid in on some opal cotton sock yarn yesterday (assuming I would get out bid: it was a great price) and I know have 8 skeins of sock yarn on their way to me. I guess I can no longer say "I don't knit socks"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I wasn't going to bother posting today, but feared the wrath of Lauren if I skipped out on a day.

I have to admit that I'm in sort of a knitting/blogging funk right now. I'm seriously addicted to my PS2 (I'm lovin' the Ratchet and Clank 2).

So not much knitting going on, and with the camera situation still in limbo, it's probably a good thing that there's nothing to update.

I have new yarn to play with, but even it's not tempting me right now.

I am past the heel turn on the denim Simple Stripes socks, so it's just a matter of knitting to the toes. I'm going to add about a half inch in length on this sock and see how it fits. I think my first one is a wee bit too short for me. It seems that the knitting that I am doing is pretty basic. I might have to dig out the MBPE* and work on that for a bit. I'll have to check the fit first.

*MBPE: the Most Boring Project Ever, also known as the Knitting Pure & Simple Neck Down Tee. I actually stopped on this as I wanted a fairly shapely top, but I didn't add enough short rows to the bust. I also don't like the way the neckband turned out, so I think I might just pull the ribbing off and do a simple single crochet edge instead.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Morning

I'm still recouperating from a busy weekend. Our SnB group had a slumber party at Rosie's on Friday. I was supposed to teach the group entrelac, but everyone got the hang of it so fast, I didn't do much other than answer a few questions. It was a late night for me, and considering that I hadn't been sleeping well the last couple of nights, followed by a lot of bad thunderstorms (and a high maintance dog who hates thunderstorms), I'm feeling very sleep deprived right now.

The camera situation is getting a bit annoying. I got my old camera back from Matt so I should get some project updates soon (tomorrow?). I don't feel like I have a whole lot to show. I must admit that I'm spending a lot of time with Ratchet and Clank 2 right now (did I mention that I get a Sheepinator weapon. I get to turn my enemies into sheep. Aaaaawwwww).

I did manage to get the back of the Rose Leaf Pullover done at the slumber party and the first sleeve is cast on with one repeat done. I also have the second denim sock at the heel turn and that's about it.

I got my new issue of Cast On magazine over the weekend. Wow, there's about 4 or 5 things in it I would make (I bet Kristen and I have our eye on the same patterns...). However, there's a man's sweater that starts at a 52" (it's listed as a S/M)???? They must be joking. That's as bad as a woman's XL sweater being a 38" (and yes, I saw that in a Vogue Knitting issue).

Well, it's a dreary, rainy Monday morning, with a forecast of more of the same thru the week. Sounds like a good day to stay in, play some games, do some knitting. Oh, Jake does need dog food, so I guess I do need to venture out...

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scan Me

I'm spending a lot of time with my scanner these last couple of days. I have the first half of the entrelac directions scanned in. Today I need do do the last half. I'll probably put them up on my site early next week.

I really need to buckle down and finish this stuff up, but I admit I've been playing a bit much the last day or so. Part of the reason is that I want to play with my new yarn, but I feel obligated to work on stuff already started, so I don't do either.

The priority has to be the scanning of the rest of the directions. I want them done and available for tomorrow. What I really want to do is cast on a new project.

Doesn't help when Julie casually mentions that she's thinking of using her new Bartlett yarn (that we got for $4/skeins... snap) for Samus. I can get gauge with size 7 needles...

oh, and I still haven't finished the back of the Rose Leaf Pullover. I have about 5 more rows to go. Uh-hu, that makes perfect sense, doesn't it? 5 more freakin' rows and I can't concentrate enough to get them done... so I can stampede to those lovely sleeves (gee, I haven't even started them, and I'm already on sleeve island???)

Anyway, off to get my scanning done so I can play!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fall???? Already???

I have absolutely no business working on this sweater right now. I have things to finish up, a class to teach on Friday (and handouts to proof), but does that stop me??? Of course not.

I remember when I did my Colour Your Own that the pattern is a bit addictive. It's small little color sections, so you say, "oh, I'll just do this one to see what it's going to look like" and away you go.

That's pretty much what I did yesterday. None of the things I should've been doing...

I really need to finish up the class prep stuff today, go for grocercies and do some other errand type things. Maybe I should hide this from myself until I get my chores done?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Tuesday Blog

Just because my new camera isn't working, doesn't mean I can't scan...

That's a scan of my st. st. swatch for the new Bartlett yarn ($4/skein... snap!).

Size 8 (5.0mm) gives me 17 sts. to 4". A nice aran weight yarn to be sure. I'm surprised how nice they look together! The Dark Lovat is a tweedy yarn with the same cornflower blue in it. That wasn't delibrate, but I'm now considering how I can use them together...

An other scan:

The sock I started for the bus trip on Saturday. Simple st. st. in KnitPicks Simply Stripes in the denim colorway. This turned out to be much more lovely than I expected. I really like the colors (sadly it looks like it's gone on the KnitPicks site). I don't really like scanning socks, as my scanner bed is just a little too small, so I have to kind of scrunch it up a bit.

Yesterday I spent all morning getting ready for the class I'm teaching Friday to our SnB girls. It's on entrelac. I fine tuned the pattern a bit and I'm taking a scan of each step. Eventually both will be added to my site.

Matt took me out last night to a concert... well, okay, it was an elementary orchestra concert. It was really cute: a bunch of 3rd graders playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars" on the violin. Our friend Jim (Matt's cycling buddy) is the music teacher for these kids, so we went to see him in action. It was quite fun and Jim was fabulous. It was weird seeing him in something other than lycra.

Oh and I cast on Matt's Colour Your Own yesterday.

Today will be more class prep and some more knitting.
Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

My New(ish) Camera Sucks

Matt bought me a new digital camera for Christmas. It's been a decent camera, but it's "touchy". It'll do weird things, like stop taking pictures for no apparent reason. I spent an hour trying to figure out why and eventually I got pictures, but this morning, it's back to not taking pictures again. Hrumph!

So no pictures of the sock I almost finished on the bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool. No pictures of my pretty new yarn cakes of the yarn I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool. No picture of the back of the Rose Leaf Pullover's back that is almost finished (It seems to be taking forever to finish that up).

Matt just played around with the camera, and the general consensius is that there's something wrong with it (ie: I didn't mess up some kind of setting).

So the blog might have fewer pictures for the next little bit. I do have my old camera, but it's a lot more work to use it (the downloading and stuff is much more time consuming).

What a great way to start a Monday morning (did I already say "Hrumph"?). I need to play with new yarn today... Hmmmm, Matt's fair isle cardigan or Matt's fair isle pullover?

Happy Knitting!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm tired, happy and broke. HHHmmmmm, sounds like I spent the day at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival yesterday.

Woke up at 5:00 so I could meet Anne (who has better photos from our day) and Theresa to drive up to meet Julie for our bus trip down.

Here's Theresa and Julie on the bus (note to self: don't bother taking pictures on a moving vehicle with current camera).

2 hours later (don't get us started... it shouldn't have taken us that long to get there) we arrived in West Friendship, MD and set up camp with some other friends that were staying the weekend:

Then we spent a lot of time doing this:

Well, okay, I did a lot of that.

I had a super fab time. Even if I did spend more than Theresa (well, she was feeling a bit under the weather). I got to meet some online friends and catch up with some distance friends. There just wasn't enough time for everything.

So I bought a couple of things. Not much really.

See, that's not much really. Only 5 projects... I mean Sarah bought yarn to make dozens and dozens of socks. If you go by number of projects bought, that's really not a lot. Right?

So you wanna know what's in the bags I bet (click on the photos to go to the vendor's site).

I bought a Philosopher's Wool Colour Your Own in the Fall colorway:

I've been wanting to make this sweater for Matt for some time. I've looked and looked at it online (ever since I made my Kool Aid Colour Your Own). Seeing the finished sweater convinced me that Matt needs this sweater!!

An other "kit" for Matt that I've been wanting to do for a while. I've had the Cheasapeake Collection in my library for a while, just needed the yarn. Well I have it now! I even got to meet Ron Schweitzer, a complete fair isle genius!

Rosie made me go to the Shelridge Farm booth. I knew I would have to buy one of their kits if I went there, but even I wasn't expecting this beauty. The sweater looks beautiful in person. The cable/lace stitch is exquisite and this is going to be one sexy little sweater for me. As a matter of fact, Rosie has already named it "The Hootchie-Momma Sweater". I'm going to add some short row bust darts so it fits me, but I got it in a lovely turquoise color. Yummy!

I also bought some Bartlett Yarn in a cornflower and dark lovat for da stash (only $4/skein!!!).

So enough yarn to make 5 sweaters. All wool. Hmmm, I might have to break out of this "summer project focus" thing and cast on a fair isle. I do know that I have A LOT of winding to do. Hmmmm, maybe I need a winding party. Who wants to bring their swift and ball winder over and "help" me wind some lovely yarn into balls?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Yet An Other Rush To Judgement

Okay, first let me say that double blogging in one day will not become a habit. It's just you guys are the only people that care about my knitting:

So I decided to try blocking my bias rectangle for the Half Moon Bay Pullover before I finished frogging it (I did frog the side panel that I had started).

Um, blocking is a good thing. Must keep that in mind:

Okay, note to self: block a project before you decide that it's not working. Especially if it's on the bias!!!!

Morning Excitement

The picture just really doesn't show the excitement... or rather the sound of the excitement. Notice Jake's bristled back... so what could cause such a reaction? Robbers? Trespassers? An army about to invade our yard?

Nope, it's two very young deer. A major threat to our yard. Well, okay, our dogs are hounds and there is a natural instinct involved here (actually, Gena reacts the same way to chipmonks).

We've been in our house about 10 years now and this is only second time I've seen deer. As you can see into the backyard, it's a fairly developed neighborhood (and our road is steadily busy). I'm always a bit surprised when I see some of the rarer wildlife (like the time Jake flushed out a pheasant... I'm not sure who was more surprised: Jake or the pheasant).

Okay, I think I'm about set for tomorrow. I'm excited to be going to MDS&W, but on the other hand, I really hate crowds. I get very clausterphobic, so I'm also a bit weary. I'm going with some good knitting friends and meeting some more there, and that alone is appealing... add to that all the lovely fibery goodiness and that should balance the whole crowd thing. If you see me, be sure to say hi!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bright Shiney New Things

Let's face it, I'm soooo easily distracted by a box.

Oooooh, such possibilities. Something new to play with... all other tasks get tossed aside for what's in this box!

New yarn? Nope... the yarn budget has been targeted for Saturday.

oooooh, two new games. Well, okay, they're actually both used games (don't buy your games new, unless you plan on trading them in). The controller is new. Brand new, even (yes, I usually buy my controllers used too). I've had issues with static electricity with the PS2 controllers, so I'm hoping that a new one may be a little more stable. I'm also going to be more careful on grounding myself when using it.

Oh, I guess I should also point out that yes, that Half Life 2 isn't even new to me. I do have the PC version. I loved it, but I HATE playing PC games. I don't like using keyboard controls and the whole video/sound card issues really piss me off (and let me tell you that my computer was bought specifically to spec for that game!). So now I have the Xbox version (cheap) and can play it more comfortably (and read my email at the same time).

So yes, I've been playing more than knitting right now. That will change after Saturday. These little knitting things really spark me. I feed of the energy of other knitters.

Not that knitting has come to a complete halt, not at all, as a matter of fact:

The Rose Leaf Pullover (bad color representation) is progressing... one more full repeat, then a partial before shoulder shaping. The Cotton Fleece is working beautifully for this project. The Paton's Paradiso was a nightmare to knit with, but I'm really enjoying knitting this.

The Vine Lace Socks in Regia Silk are also progressing. I may never knit an other pair of socks in any other yarn. Yarn sock crack, perhaps?

Here's my breakfast knitting (now that the Petticoat Jaywalkers are done). A pair of socks for Matt:

Those are the Retro Rib Socks from the Winter 2004 issue of Interweave Knits. I'm using some Knit Picks yarn (which felt nice and soft until I started knitting with the Regia Silk). See you can tell it's my breakfast knitting, as it sits next to my favorite coaster.

So a little knitting, maybe a lot of playing, some laundry (does it ever end???) and beautiful spring weather is the plan for today (we're supposed to see temps in the low 80's!!!)

Happy Knitting!!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shaving With Photoshop...

So I may have rushed to judement on the Jaywalker Petticoat socks. This is straight from the dryer and the fit is much better. Still not as snug as I like my socks (that may be a mental thing: since women's socks are always too large for me), but definitely wearable.

You can see how square I make my toes, but not a good close up of the heel flap join, but I showed that the other day.

And yes, I haven't shaved in 3 days... thank goodness for Photoshop.

Okay, two posts in one day is more than enough!


I'll be heading down to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday. One of our (many) LYS is taking a bus down. The bus leaves at 7:00 am, and it's about a 30 minute drive from here. So I'm meeting the gals at 5:45 am so we can car pool up to get the bus.

Did you see that 5:45 A-frickin'-M! I'm expected to be showered, dressed, and coherent at 5:45 A-frickin'-M.

The weather is calling for showers all day. Yikes.

So I'm making preperations... listing all the things to take.

The big question is always: What do I wear?

The suggestion so far is the Spring Forward. Sounds good to me. It's going to be cool and I do so love that sweater (it was either going to be that or the Delicate Summer Lace Jacket). It's probably unrealistic to have the Rose Leaf Pullover done by Saturday, huh? I mean, I have to finish the back, do both sleeves and then the finishing... ya, that's pretty unrealistic, right? Especially since I'm having a problem putting the game controller down.

So I've got to throw some wash in, I need to run to the grocery store and start collecting my stuff. 5:45 A-frickin'-M is pretty frickin' early...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Can't Draw Feet Either...

So the Jaywalker socks done in Opal Petticoat are finished. They are too big. They are way too big. Both in width and in length. It's very very sad, as I love this yarn (and it's hard to get) and I love the way the Jaywalker pattern works in the stripey yarns.

So anyone want them? Maybe someone that doesn't wear a size 5.5 shoe? Maybe someone with Opal Petticoat yarn in their stash?

So, it's a finished project, so let's go over the details.

Pattern: Jaywalker Socks
Yarn: Opal Petticoat
Problems with the pattern: hey, we all know and love this pattern. No mistakes in the pattern.
Changes to the pattern: Well, to compensate for lack of stretchiness (due to the increases), I didn't tug the yarn real tight between needles (giving a little slack for that increase). I think this did make them a bit stretchier to get on and off. I also changed the heel flap. I've discovered that I really don't even like to slip stitches on the heel, as I find that it makes holes for me. While doing the slip stitch selvage makes picking up stitches easier, I just find it too loose for my taste. I also just knit the heel flap in regular ol' st. st.

Here's a detail of the heel flap (notice the lack of holes)

So I guess I should've gone down a needle size? I will wash and dry them, maybe they'll shrink up a bit...

Maybe I'll stick to knitting sweaters. Or playing games.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Too early on a monday morning for a clever title

Well the weekend continued the "weird" week theme.

Matt had a 2 day race, so was gone all day Saturday and Sunday. I was going to go on Sunday, but the time trial started at 7:40... meaning he left the house at 6:00 am Sunday morning. No thanks.

It was a massive carnage weekend for the racers. Lots of crashes, a few broken bones and bent rims (why are bike riders more upset over the bent rims?). Matt didn't go down, but he was cut off the road at one point, and it effected his finish on the road race. He was disappointed in his results, but Jim finished strong (4th in each race, which was good enough for 3rd overall!)

So that gave me the weekend to myself and I took advantage. Did a little housework, did a little playing and some knitting. Oh and I watched a lot of sports.

I still haven't decided what to do with the Wool in the Woods yarn yet. I might just frog the Half Moon Bay and put the yarn back into stash for the time being. I'm trying to get the Rose Leaf Pullover finished.

The Rose Leaf is still progressing: I'm past the armhold bind off, so just 2+ repeats to go on the back then the sleeves.

I'm at the toe shaping on the Petticoat Jaywalker socks. I tried to do it last night while watching a movie, but reversed the ssk and k2tog, so I'll re do that today and get those done.

That's about it. I spent most of Saturday on the failed Half Moon Bay, so I don't feel like I have a lot of progress from the weekend.

Well off to look at what chores I have for the day. I'm guessing it's going to be laundry.

Happy Knitting!