Thursday, May 31, 2007

Split V Update

I got my May afghan block done for class on Saturday and got the June block started so I can show the technique to the class. This is a good time of year to work on the blocks... nice and small for this warmer weather.

I've also been working on Herminia, but again, size 2 needles, garter stitch (with short rows) makes for slow progress.

However, I'm progressing nicely with the Adara Split V pullover:
Knittinig Pure & Simple Split V Pullover in Adara
click to enlarge

I'm right at the bottom ribbing. Then just the sleeves and the neckband. A nice, straight forward pattern and I love the Adara. It has a lovely drape (so while I couldn't believe that I was to knit it at 18 sts to 4", it was the right gauge after all). I had also bought an other color (lagoon) of it when I bought the hyancinth. I was planning on using it for a crochet top, but I don't like it as well crocheted. So I'll have to find something else for it! Maybe a nice simple cardigan.

I think the A/C might go on today for the first time this year. It's gotten very hot and muggy already this year... and my tolerance isn't very good for the muggy weather.

Keep on Knittin'!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So quick in fact that I have no photos!

We had a lovely long weekend. No races, no classes, just us (well, apart from Matt accidently riding 100 miles on his bike on Saturday... they misjudged the milage). We ate out Saturday, got the deck cleaned up and watched a lot of baseball. Finishing the weekend visiting with our neighbors. Just lovely.

Jake however, did not have a good weekend. Between the thunderstorms and the idiot in our neighborhood who likes to do illegal fireworks for everything... he was pretty stressed. So we're hoping for a nice quiet relaxing day for him today.

I have 2 placemats done for the deck and an other one started, but I'm going to knit today. I need to finish up my afghan block for Saturday's class (and get the next one started).

Keep on Knittin'!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Is It Summer Already???

The Memorial Day weekend has felt more like the 4th of July weekend... hot, muggy with some pretty nasty little thunderstorms (Jake's against thunderstorms, btw).

We spent some time getting the deck cleaned up and setting up the deck furniture. I decided that we need some placemats for the table, so I've actually spent most of the weekend crocheting some simple placemats. I'll get some pics when they're done.

However, that doesn't mean other stuff isn't getting done:
Fall Back Cardigan, first sleeve completed
click to enlarge

The first sleeve is done on the Fall Back Cardigan. While the weather is not "wool friendly", I still want to keep focused on this... as the next Spring Forward class is in mid June. I'm still thinking that we'll probably still be on sleeves (I think sleeves are the most challenging "math-wise" for a custom fit), but I want to be ready to show how to pick up the stitches for the body, just in case.

I also did a little yarn clean up early this weekend, and found a project that I had started when I got the yarn, but promptly put aside:
Herminia by Elsebeth Lavold in Hempathy
click to enlarge

Ya, a "sport" weight yarn on size 2 needles. (I will say that I can't imagine knitting Hempathy at 22 sts to 4"... even on size 2 needles the yarn is quite drapey). Anyway, I had cast on the back and worked like 4 rows of the garter stitch and thought "what the hell was I thinking? this is going to take FOREVER!!!" Well, I picked it up and worked a few rows and realized that the sweater is going to be absolutely fabulous. The garter rows have to be short rowed to counter the lace panels (garter has more rows per inch than the lace)... so it's a lot of garter stitch. On size 2 needles. However, it's interesting knitting, so it's not as bad I was expecting (4 rows of garter to start wasn't so interesting, but I'm enjoying the lace panels).

I'm still working a bit here and there on some other projects, but I really want to get the new placemats finished (and it's nice to have a crochet project in the mix as well).

Well, I need to get my workout in before it gets any warmer today (it's already very muggy) then back to the placemats!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just a quick one...

Since I didn't blog yesterday, I thought I should get something up today.

Not really much to update, as I've been working here and there on the Jersey Shore, the Fall Back, and the Bartlett Cardigan. Not really exciting.

I've been hit with some nasty allergies this year and haven't been feeling that great this week... and didn't knit at all on Tuesday!

So when all else fails, let's deal with some comments!

I was asked about leading a KAL for the Forest Frost Aran, and I'm going to pass. As much as I think it's a lovely sweater I don't see me knitting it. (However, the Spring Forward KAL is still going on, but a little quiet... so anyone is welcomed to join that one!)

Debby asked about Matt's racing. He's been doing the "volume discount" racing again this season. He's been racing every weekend since I think March? Sometimes two a day (the best was he crossed the finish line, did the "cool down" lap and jumped right back onto the starting line for his second race... a team mate was literally changing his number at the last possible moment!). The results haven't been great, but he figured that would happen when he moved up to a cat 3... especially since he's been racing in a lot of 1/2/3... which he really prefers. Better, safer racing. His first 1/2/3 he was the top cat 3 finisher.

I will say it hasn't been a good year for the team injury wise. Jim took a really nasty crash in the road race stage of the Tour de Ephrata requiring 20 stitches above his eyebrow... and I'm not sure he's going to race again this season. Chris went down in the in the cat 4 and broke his collarbone which required surgery... so he's done for the season as well. Glen, who's not a team mate, but trains with them went down during the Thursday night Great Valley training crit breaking hip, collarbone and several ribs.

However, Matt's strategy: stay out front as long as possible:

Tour de Ephrata 2007, Cat 3 Farmersville Classic Road Race.

Since it's a holiday weekend, there are no local races this weekend. So Matt and I will actually have some time together this weekend... after the 3 hour Saturday hard trainging ride, the Sunday morning "recovery" ride... and since it's a holiday on Monday, I'm sure several of the guys will ride on Monday. Just as an FYI: Matt rides his bike a lot.

That's okay... as I knit a lot!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kraemer Love Fest

click to enlarge

So the Jersey Shore Weekender for Matt is moving along nicely. The Tatamy Tweed DK is just so nice to work with. It's a nice pattern stitch and it's knitting up quickly.

However, I still need to keep up with the Fall Back Cardigan (I didn't bother with a picture this morning as I have to spend a lot of time fixing the color in Photoshop). The first sleeve has a little more than one repeat to go. Our next class is mid-June, so I do have plenty of time, but I need to keep working on it.

So right now I'm switching between the two projects... a little on the sleeve of the Fall Back, then when I need something mindless, I pick up the Jershey Shore project.

I'm still obsessively following the Floyd Landis hearing on Trust But Verify's site. I haven't tried to get the actual video feed... it sounds like it's a little unreliable anyway, so I'm just hitting the refresh button a lot. I'm sorry however I didn't get to see yesterday's testimony by Dr. Wolfram Meier-Augenstein as it sounded quite entertaining. Best quote:

question: where is it in the spec it matters if it's outside the spec?
answer: they must have some criteria, how do they choose? Divine intervention? I'm amazed. You're left with the GCMS, which has mass spectra, then you get to retention time, and it doesn't match in the IRMS. How do you identify one unknown peak among 5 unknown peaks? I don't know how they do it.

The thing that I've learned from reading the updates is that the press certainly can spin their view anyway they want. It's been interesting to see what they're excluding in their articles compaired to what's actually going on. To say that this system is sooo wrong is an understatment. Just hope that the LNDD doesn't ever do any lab work for you (or have a friend who is arrested for a DUI... cause if your friend is irresponsible to do something like that, that logically means you are too).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Monday!!!!

Yes, I know at least one person just flipped me off with that title...

So what's new? Well, I think in contrast to finishing Matt's SOA, I'm in a simple knitting mode:
ya, you could click to enlarge, but I'm not sure how much good it will do ya

Holy Mulespun Wool, What a crappy picture!!!

That's just a straight up cardigan (I'm not using a pattern... yikes!) in the Bartlett Wool I got at MD S$W. The color is Blackberry and stunning in person. I know I won't get a good picture of the beauty of the yarn. The simple st. st. seems very comfortable right now. I'm also wondering that since I'm making my own pattern if that's keeping me interested (I want to see if I'm doing it right).

Meanwhile, I've swatched up some Tatamy Tweed DK for a pullover for Matt:
Click to enlarge

The color is Evergreen and just scrumptious. I'm using a Knitting at Knoon pattern called "Jersey Shore Weekender". Matt and I have already decided that we like the "wrong" side of the stitch pattern, so I'll be making "wrong side out".

So more started, more yarn purchased as there was a little road trip to Kraemer Yarns in Nazareth over the weekend... hence the Tatamy Tweed DK and the new evergreen yarn.

Let me say that I really like Kraemer yarns. Their color palette it fabulous and they have a lovely variety of yarn... from a bulky wool, an aran wool, a superwash wool (with fab colors, I might add) to my favorite, their cotton/acrylic blends (in dk and worsted weight). The shop carries a bunch of other yarns as well (which I wasn't expecting) and great patterns! The shop is right in the building with the mill, so it has that feel to it. So it's not a flashy, glossy shop. My only complaint? The staff was extremely "challenged". Kraemer has some great free patterns on their web site, yet the women working there were clueless about them.

So a young enthusiastic girl came in to learn how to knit and I cringed with the help they were giving her. I hope that they don't turn her off from knitting. Maybe it's a generation difference, but I found the women in the shop not very helpful, on many levels.

I am glad to have been to the shop, as it was great to see all the colors in person (the color swatches online don't do this yarn justice at all!). I'm soooo glad that Darlene carries this yarn as it's quickly become one of my favorite brands!

Okay, back to the chores of the day...
Keep on Knittin'!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Friday Post

I was going to write about the Floyd Landis hearing, but I can't seem to verbalize my feelings and opinions. All I can say is that I try to keep an open mind, yet human nature always disappoints me. My impressions of Floyd has not changed and my heart is breaking for him and his family. It seems for every kind and good hearted person in the world, there's three petty, vindictive and even cruel people out there. I will say that yesterday's testimony from Lemond doesn't sit true to me, and quite frankly, I really don't see how it directly effects the hearing, other than the USADA's attempt to do charactor assination... something they've been doing from the beginning. Oh, and Debby, I haven't decided what I'm going to do today as far as following the hearing. Lemond's testimoy was placed in a very odd order, and I think was quite masterful... most are no longer paying attention to the hearings, but rather getting all worked up over LeMond's odd testimony.

Okay, let's get back to the knitting part of this blog... and there's not much here. Not much knitting, and really not much interest right now. A little post project depression, I'm sure.

However, I did get my Cascade 220 from Webs. The Shire is a lovely rich green and I'm thrilled. Now to design a special Bilbo/Frodo/Sam? sweater for Matt. Let me say that he's completely enthralled with the honeycomb pattern on the SOA... which is funny, as it's never been one of my favorites... I like a nice lattice cross type of pattern (like the one used in the Cozy Shawl Collared Aran Pullover). I will say that the Cotton Ease and the honeycomb are a great combo. They seem to have more "depth" than when I've done them in wool.

Maybe I'll watch some Lord of the Rings today to inspire me... or play video games. (hey! I can do both! I have a LOTR game!!!). I do know that I must vaccuum! It's been a really bad shedding season this year (too bad I don't spin!)

So I'm keeping the faith and I'll keep on knittin'!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not much new

Nothing really to update this morning, as I had errands all morning yesterday, then didn't get much knitting done in the afternoon.

Not sure what I'll work on today. The knitting I did do yesterday was on the Split V and it's a little on the boring side. Good TV watching knitting, but to just sit and knit it becomes tedious after a bit (I'm at the point where I just knit around and around and around... all the waist decreasing is done, so I'm just knitting around til I get to the hip increases). Not feeling overly motivated right now, so it's just a matter of deciding what I feel like working on.

At some point, I need to get to work on Mermaid. I know that I'm going to love wearing it, but the directions are just so tedious to follow. I've sent two emails to Needles and Hooks (where she says she'll send out spreadsheets... I sent one at the end of March and an other email after she updated about the spreadsheet 4/11) and received absolutely no response. I am taking it very personally, as it seems that other people are getting responses and she's still sending out the spreadsheet. I really didn't want to have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but it looks like I have no choice. Today may not be a good day for it tho' (heehee... might be in a bit of a snarky mood, perhaps?)

Okay, I'm off...must decide what I want to work on...
Keep on knittin'!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Photoshop Magic

As I mentioned yesterday, I can not get an accurate color representation for the Fall Back Cardigan. Let's look at what Photoshop can do:
click to enlarge

That's the photo as taken. No flash, a combo of natural light and artificial light.

Here's what I did in Photoshop:
click to enlarge

Much closer to the actual color. Not perfect, but at least it doesn't look like a lavendar color.

So it's progressing nicely. I have probably an other 3 repeats left to do for this sleeve (assuming my math was right... ya, I know that's a BIG assumption for me).

Here's what I worked on as it got too warm to have a wool sweater in my lap:
click to enlarge

Ya, not the most exciting knitting in the world, but sometimes that's good. I'm hoping it fits okay. I went ahead and used my full bust measurement to choose what size to make, and I probably should've gone down a size or two and short rowed some bust darts. However, I think this will be fine.

Just Debby's comment to respond to today:

I have to admit I am a fall girl. I prefer moderate temps... sweater weather! Plus fall you get those beautiful colors and football!!!!

I will admit that I'm wearing out the F5 key on my new laptop constantly updating the feed from the TBV site. I didn't try to watch the streaming video of the Landis hearing, as I would just rather get the updates... easier to understand. I have to say that I look forward to Bill Hue's take. First because he's a trial judge so I trust his perspective, plus he's obviously an REM fan and I look forward to which song title he'll use.. heehee!

I also will say that I'm betting that the arbitrators are also keeping up with the outside perspective by following TBV's site. I'm sure that Bill's comment about the two arbitrator's freezing out the third did not go unnoticed, and a concerted effort was made the next day to appear more "balanced". I know that if this were a legal case, Landis would have no concerns, however, it's not a legal case and his only hope is that there's enough public scrunity that the arbitrator's feel the pressure to do it right.

Well, must run... gotta workout, then get ready for my hair appointment.
Keep on Knittin'!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking Forward to Fall

click to enlarge

The Fall Back Cardigan is back on track, and I'm much happier with the sleeves. Well worth ripping back and doing it right (let's face it, how often have we ripped back and thought, well that wasn't worth it? rarely... fixing mistakes always seems to be the right decision).

Let me say that I have never had a project that was so hard to get a photo with anything even remotely representing the actual color of the yarn. I had to do a lot of color manipulation in Photoshop on that one, just so it didn't look like a light lavendar... the color is a dark cranberry heather (the heather is very blueish).

So I expect to crank out a few more rows on it today and maybe spend some time with something a little more summery (the split V perhaps?) so that I can wear a finished project in season.

Thanks to everyone that left me comments on Matt's Son of A.R.A.N. (and Lauren, I didn't censor your comment, that was blogger. If it were up to me, you could curse away in my comments!!!!). Kate: as much as I would love wearing it, it actually doesn't fit me that well. The sleeves are too long (for as much as we tease about Matt being freakishly small, he's still taller than me) and my dress form wears a size B cup... and let's just say that I don't. No worries, tho' as I do have one swatched for me in a beautiful shade of Cascade 220. Kristen: it was delightful to finally meet Janet in person, and yes she didn't seem frightened at all... as for the Cotton Ease: yes! give it a try!!!!

So yes, the general consensus on the SOA is that it Rocks! I will say that this ended up being the best project of the year to date. (5 weeks to knit is a good indication on how much I enjoyed knitting it!) So thanks again for all the rockin' comments!

Okay, I'm off to finish up this repeat on the Fall Back sleeves!
Keep on Knittin'!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The GQ Proofs

click to enlarge

Matt wore his sweater this morning to walk the dogs. Best dressed dog walker in the neighborhood, eh? Notice that Gena is not even remotely impressed. Personally I think the neon yellow tee shirt makes it (ya, uh, thanks Tour de Ephrata for choosing such a lovely color tee shirt. oh, and selling out of size small so he had to buy a boy's XL... which is a little big on him).

You'll notice a slightly different look to my blog this morning. It wasn't by choice... Matt and I were trying to set up some things last night and we acccidently deleted my template (okay, that was me. I accidently deleted my template). I had been wanting to clean up the blog a bit anyway (since I know that some people are still on dial up). Hopefully it will load easier and everything is legible.

I'm planning on doing some laundry today and working on the Fall Back Cardigan. We're back to normal temps for this time of year, and so I don't mind knitting with the wool. I'll have update photos of the Fall Back tomorrow.

As a side note, today is the start of Floyd Landis's hearing for his alleged failed drug test following Stage 17 at the Tour de France. I'll be following it closely, and I suggest everyone does (Trust But Verify will have full coverage). As Floyd has made the process open to the public, we're seeing how unfair this process is to the athlete, and that the old adage "absolute power corrupts absolutely". This hearing process has always been behind closed doors, and thanks to Floyd's opening it to the public, we see how biased and unfair it is. (and my personal take: why would you put all your lab results out there for everyone to evaluate if you had done something against the rules? I would think that if you were cheating, you wouldn't want that info available to everyone... you might even want to wipe a hard drive clean so that no original records could be found... that implies cheating. If you have a solid case against Floyd, then you shouldn't have to cheat to "get" him).

Well, I'm off to knit!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Son of A.R.A.N. Fini!

I finished up Matt's SOA on Friday, but I wasn't happy with the bottom ribbing (a little too loose), so I went down a couple of needle sizes and reknit it.
click to enlarge

I'm very very happy with this project. So is Matt. I will say we both were surprised at how warm of a sweater it is. I was hoping the acrylic in the Cotton Ease would "lighten" it up, but quite frankly, it has the weight and feel of a cotton sweater. The acrylic made it easier to knit for sure, but the seven skeins of yarn in this sweater make it heavy and warm. So while it might not be the three season sweater we were expecting, we're both happy with the results.
click to enlarge

So let's do a Project Stats:

Pattern: Son of A.R.A.N. by Janet Szabo. This pattern was done as a knitalong on the aran knitlist years ago.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Stone.

Changes to the pattern: well, since I used the Cotton Ease, I had to basically do all the math. I got 20 sts to 4" in moss stitch, and the pattern was written using 22 sts. to 4". I also ended up removing some purl stitches between the cables to get the stitches to fit. I also had to change the layout on the cables for the sleeve. I used a twisted stitch on the sides of the main cable for the saddle, then I added the Little Twist Cable to the sleeve section (viewable in the second photo).

Problems with the pattern: well, since I only used the pattern for the cables and their layout, any problem with the math was self inflicted (note to self: 11" long sleeves means that you didn't do the math right somewhere).

Overall impressions: this project ROCKED!!! I love the Cotton Ease, the pattern is simply beautiful (Janet has such a delightful touch with cables), and it fits Matt beautifully. He loves the easy care (machine wash and dry) so he's not worried about wearing it. So four thumbs up! (two from me and two from Matt).

So now I'm back to working on my Fall Back Cardigan (the wool version of the Spring Forward). I ripped back the sleeve and did it right and I'm much happier. The class only has one more session, but I'm thinking only one class on the sleeves might not have been enough (we covered the picking up the stitches and I tried to explian how to figure out the sleeve decreases, but since I'm math challenged, I'm not sure how clear I was). So we might need to add an other session.

Isn't it funny how we as knitters find the "right" designer? I've knit more Janet Szabo designs than any other designer. By far. I like how she designs, I like her construction technique and I loooove how approachable she is (I've been joking for years that I'm one project away from a restraining order). She always gets back to me quickly when I have a question about one of her patterns.

Luckily there's no restraining order.... yet...

Keep on knittin'!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Prep

No photos today, as there's nothing really to update. I didn't work on Matt's SOA since the picture from yesterday. Instead I worked on my afghan square for tomorrow's class.

I probably won't work on it today either... due to the icky muggy weather again, plus I'm going out to lunch. However, it will be done by the end of the weekend.

I've been slacking on responding to comments (sorry!)

First, the general thanks to everyone that reads my blog and takes the time to comment!

Nancy asked me the other day which fair isle kits I bought last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I got two kits specifically for Matt last year. A Philosopher's Wool Cardigan (which has been started) and a kit from Yarns International (Bayberry). See, Matt loves fair isle sweaters... but I'm just not that fond of knitting them. I have a Salt Lake City kit in the closet that needs to be restarted (70 lbs weight loss makes it impractical for Matt now... so it's a complete do-over). We won't even discuss how close I am to finishing the Natual Beauty Fair Isle... so while I can make him the Son of Aran in less than 6 weeks from swatch to finish, it's taking me 7 years to knit him a partial fairl isle sweater!!!

Debby: I by no means am a sock knitter. I love sock yarn, as the hand dyed yarns are just lovely. However I find I don't like wearing wool socks. I much prefer the good ol' cotton socks (and for those who are interested: I wear boys socks... they fit my short wide foot best). So you are not alone. I have a few pairs I've made just so I have them for knitting events, but you'll see me in commercial socks (where I try to convince people that the swoosh makes that whole intarsia thing hard to do in the round).

Several comments on the speed of my knitting Matt's SOA. Here's a little confession. I'm officially a full time housewife (but I find that description a little misleading, as it sounds like I do housework. I do not. I knit with the occassional load of laundry and throwing a quick meal on the table). So I do spend the bulk of my day knitting. Every once in a while I find the "perfect" project. One that must be done. It's a rarity, but I love when it happens. The combination of the Cotton Ease and the wonderful Son of ARAN pattern is just so perfect. It was a fun and interesting knit... and while I was ready for it to be done, I still enjoyed the pattern and the yarn.

Another confession: I did order the Cascade 220 in Shire. How could I not?? Now I just need to find a nice hobbit sweater for Matt to knit up for him. Any suggestions?

Kristen suggested Jake needs a hand knit sweater, but sadly I've already tried that. It did not go over well. He much prefers to sleep on my hand knits rather than actually wearing them (or in that case, crocheted).

Okay, I'm off to get my day started. Have a good weekend

Keep on knittin'!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Does this mean he likes it?

Click to enlarge

So the body is done and seamed, so now I just need to do the bottom ribbing and weave in a handful of ends.

However, it seems the weird hot muggy weather is dettering me... both with the hot sleepy dog on it, plus the idea of it on my lap right now... eh.

It's a good day to work on my afghan square anyway....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Okay, now it's just getting ridiculous!

Matt's SOA is sooo close to being done, yet I swear it's not getting any longer!!!!
click to enlarge

So what? Maybe 3 more inches????? At this point I just want to get it done!

I do, however, have class stuff to do before Saturday. We'll be doing one of the more fun blocks from the Taste of Aran (it uses two cable needles) and I want to have one repeat done to show the students. Plus I still need to finish the April block.

I also have the Spring Forward class and we'll be picking up stitches for the sleeve. I'll be using my Fall Back Cardigan as an example of how not to do it (and I've decided to rip back and re do it):
click to enlarge

I picked up too many stiches for the sleeve and it's not laying flat. I thought I could live with it, but at this point, it's not that big a deal to rip and I'll be at the same spot as the students for class. I also know in the long run I'll be happier with it done right.

One of the things I realized at Maryland Sheep and Wool is you can't change who you are. Last year I bought two fair isle kits... and they're both sitting in the closet. I enjoy knitting texture and cables. No matter how much I love the look of fair isle, it's the cable projects that get done (need we mention the Natural Beauty Fair Isle for Matt that was started in 1999????).

Okay, so off to work a few more rows on Matt's SOA, then must do my homework!

Keep on Knittin'!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Son of ARAN

Last night was our Stitch n Bitch night, so we had a little show n tell from what we got at Maryland. It was fabulous to see all the lovely things. As I plugged away on Matt's SOA...

... and I admit that I'm starting to get a little bored with it. Or rather, I'm ready for it to be done. I still have about 5 more inches to go on the body, but it's been sucked into the space time continuum and doesn't seem to be getting any longer. This happened much earlier on the front than it did on the back.

Meanwhile, I've got a box of more Cotton Ease arriving today... I think I've become addicted!

However, Kate mentioned last night that Cascade 220 has a color called "Shire"

Considering that's a joke here... (Matt's teammates refer to our house as The Shire) and it being such a lovely shade of green, I'm thinking Matt really needs a sweater or vest out of it.

Which brings up an other point. The yarn accumulation to finished project ratio. It's not balanced. The amount of time that it takes me to complete a sweater (I think the SOA is about 6 weeks... and that's with high concentration), I can't continue to accumulate yarn for 16 more projects. Okay, there was Maryland Sheep & Wool in that time frame, and that's always a high yarn accumulation event. Then there's that trip to The Mannings. Oh, and Webs has Cascade 220 on sale, which is a good time to stash (since it's one of my favorite yarns). OH, and don't forget that Cotton Ease is on sale at Knitting Warehouse (with flat rate shipping of only $6). Hmmmm... so maybe we'll just chalk up all the yarn accumulation as just bad timing during the construction of Matt's SOA?

Either way, it's gotta get done, and it's my main focus for today. Normally I would say that I could have the front done today, but with the current status of the space time continuum, I'm not making any such commitment.

Oh, and for those interested, I will give details on how I got this pattern to work with the Cotton Ease when it's done.

Keep on Knittin'!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Quick Photo Update

Click to enlarge

Smooth picture usage again! So nice to have my memory card process back!
So that's the current status of Matt's Son of Aran. I'm about half way down the front... should get it done this week!


Back from a fabulous weekend in Maryland. The crowds were bad... even on Sunday, but I was able to get some fab things.

I finally got to meet Janet Szabo (and Theresa took a picture of us, but I forgot my camera). The weather was a little colder than I expected so it's good that I had my Spring Forward with me.

Matt's SOA is progressing beautifully and I expect to have it done this week. Then it's back to my Fall Back Cardigan (the wool version of the Spring Forward) as we're at the point of picking up the sleeves for class. So from here out it I'll be knitting along with the class.

So I did a little shopping, and I'm thrilled with what I got. I did get enough of the Brooks Fiber Farm yarn to make an other Half Linen Cardigan... and I got enough to make it longer. I got an unusual color of Bartlett yarns at a good price (the vendor is retiring and was selling off her stock at $4/skein). I did swatch and start a simple st. st. cardigan in it... and I'm loving it. It does seem a bit lighter weight than my other Bartlett and it's making a nice fabric. I know I won't be able to get an accurate photo of just how lovely the yarn is.

I got a kit from Shelridge Farm (don't I always?) and some beautiful alpaca/merino wool to make Matt a scarf. However, he asked for gloves. And I quote "you haven't made me gloves since I lost that one".... hmmmm, do you see a connection there?

Some new patterns and some bargin wool and that's it. Productive, within expectation of what I was planning on getting. I had a fabulous time with my friends, but I never seem to have enough time to see everyone.

While I was away, my new laptop arrived, and I'm still getting used to it. Adding software, transferring files (well, okay, Matt's adding software and transferring files). That's why there are no photos... still need to do some things to prep that.

Today I'm going to concentrate on Matt's SOA and probably do some work on my afghan block for class on Saturday. I'll also play with the laptop a bit and get it set up so I can post some pics tomorrow.

At some point I really do need to organize/clean out project and stash yarn. However, that cuts into knitting time... so I'll just shove the new stuff somewhere for the time being and concentrate on finishing Matt's SOA (heehee)

Keep on knittin'!!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Off To Maryland!!

So I'm off to Maryland today for the entire weekend. This is the first year for staying the whole weekend. I think I'm fairly well prepared with the packing... meaning the knitting bag is packed, but I have no idea what to take to wear.

Always a dilemma this time of year... I'll need something to keep me warm in the morning, but by mid day it should be quite warm (especially in the barns). Soooo if you see me in the morning, I'll probably be wearing my Spring Forward, but by mid day, I'll just have a t-shirt on.

I'm taking several projects to work on. Matt's SOA is coming along. Not good for car knitting, or probably after dinner (we scooped out a microbrewery...)but I expect I'll get some done on it. I'm also taking the Split V tee... perfect car knitting, post microbrewery knitting!!!

This weekend's race is the Turkey Hill Classic. It's a shame that this always falls on the same weekend as the Sheep and Wool festival. It's one f the most family friendly racing events with lots of things for the kids to do, plus Turkey Hill gives out free ice cream (and they make goooood ice cream). Matt might be doing the 1/2/3 again, as one of his teammates couldn't get in the 3/4 (already filled). It's a long race: approx. 75 miles. That's a lot of miles (the ironic thing? Matt would bitch and moan if he had to drive 75 miles...). So if you're in the Lancaster area this weekend, and can't make it to Maryland... go enjoy some good ice cream and watch some great racing! (Matt's the little guy with the beard... you can't miss him).

Oh, and a quick injury report update. Jim is riding, but not racing. However, Chris is done for the season. His broken collarbone requires surgery, which he's having done on Monday.

So I guess I'm off: gotta shave my legs (at least to the knees) and figure out some kind of pajama thing (as a courtesy to my roommates). Plus decide what to wear... decisions decisions!!!

Have a good safe weekend! Keep on knittin'!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I need 13 inches

Click to enlarge

The mis-crossed cable has been fixed. I can see where I laddered down to, as the tension isn't as even as the rest of the sweater, but I'm hoping that it will even out when it gets washed.

So now all that needs to be done is 13 more inches for the body, finish seaming it (I've already started seaming the sleeves) then do the bottom ribbing. Not bad!

However, today I'll be doing laundry, packing, running some last minute errands in prep for leaving tomorrow for Maryland Sheep and Wool. Looks like the weather is very typical spring: it's gonna be cool in the morning and fairly warm by mid day on Saturday. I guess layers is the key!

Lot's to do!!!
Keep on Knittin'!!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mistakes and Ladders

So the back is to the ribbing on Matt's SOA and I'm ready to tackle the front.

Where I have a miscrossed cable:
Click to enlarge

The saftey pin shows the I just laddered down to that point:
Click to enlarge

Now I'll just reknit that section on DPN's then move on to the rest of the front. At least I don't have to cut and graft the mistake... as I did with the Cable O's vest.

I'm starting to put a mental list together for the weekend. I will say that I really don't want to buy much at MD S$W this year. None of the yarn/projects that I got last year are done and quite frankly, I'm out of room. I tried to put some projects away yesterday and I just don't know where to put them... so I'll go enjoy my friends and the knitting. I'm sure I'll get some things, but I really do want to be picky about what I get...

Well, off to fix that front!
Keep on Knittin'!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just a quick update

Not up too much updating today...

The back isn't quite done yet on the SOA, as it seemed to get sucked into the knitting space time continuum... I swear I've had two inches to go for about 18 rows now...

I'll try to get it done today. Or I may put it aside and see if it grows in length if I don't work on it... since working on it doesn't seem to help.


The back is finally to the ribbing!!! Woo-Hoo!!! I'll do that in the round after I get the front done:
Click to enlarge

Let me say again: Cotton Ease Rocks!!!! (as does my husband's 5'5" frame!!!!)