Monday, October 01, 2007

Cindy Must Knit This Cardgian

So I got a project on the size 8 needles on Friday. Did every one guess correctly? A green cardigan, by chance?

The Must Have Cardigan has been on my to do list for some time. I even started it at one point (and that might even get finished eventually). However, there were some things about that one that I wasn't pleased with. The fabric is very stiff (I have to upsize the pattern, and I'm doing it thru gauge) and I really hate how the pattern starts in middle of the diamond. So here's what I'm doing:
Must Have Cardigan
click to enlarge

I'm using Blackwater Abby yarn in the Seafoam color (aka: Cindy's favorite green). I'm knitting it at a looser gauge than I normally do for cables and for what the pattern calls for. Yet I'm very pleased with how the cables are popping and the drape of the fabric I'm getting.

So I started the one chart so that I have a full diamond at the bottom, and since I'm lengthing this just a bit as well, I should still get the same front neck shaping. I'm still a little concerned about the sleeves being too tight, but I think the looser gauge will be enough. I'm really enjoying knitting this. The cables are easy (meaning that I don't need to read the pattern) and the Blackwater Abby is a very nice yarn (tho' if one more person feels my sweater and grimaces and says "it's a little scratchy"... I'll give em one of these)

I'm hoping to get the back finished today. However there is one little problem with that plan. Halo 3. After much drama with Kmart (who offered a nice deal on a Xbox 360 and Halo 3... they totally screwed us), Matt surprised me on Saturday with it. I'm not very far in the game (setting up the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live is more time consuming than applying for a home mortgage loan), I simply haven't taken the time to play a lot.

So we'll see how much knitting I actually get done today...